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My Story How I Became Alpha Male Part 1

Personal story How I became Alpha MaleHow I became an Alpha Male. Part 1

Until 19 years I kissed maybe 3 girls and did not fuck any girl. I came from a small town to Vilnius for studying. I cannot say that I have been strange guy. At least I thought so. However, from side I looked differently.

Being Beta Male I did not achieve any results. For my one girl in dormitory I rent hoover, for another one I cocked meal but I did not sleep with them. Maximum what I got – kiss to my cheek. Girls from dormitory were gorgeous but I could not get them.

I did not have any choice among women. Because of scarcity, I was in love with two groupmates. Of course, those girls did not pay any attention to me except when they needed some benefit from me. As I studied construction engineering in Vilnius, which I dropped in third course, no secret that in technical sciences at the University are more boys than girls. In our group, we had 28 boys and just 2 girls. I did not have any status in the group.

I have absolutely no idea how to pick up those two girls being psychologically weak. As we know Alpha Males choose environments where will be more than 50% girls. Imagine, you come to university and here are 50 girls and just you alone. Who will have status? Of-course you. Unfortunately, only stupid men prefer places where they have no status. I have been one of them.

I was financially dependent on my parents. I had 2000$ in the bank account, but I did not know where to invest. I had no business thinking completely. I grew up with parents who worked labour jobs and did not create anything. I am very happy that they loved me. My mother and stepfather cared me a lot. Thanks for them.

Alpha Male is growing every day and try to get out of the hierarchy, become independent from other people, from people who can influence his life. Alpha Male understands that he has to take responsibility for his life, get out from parents house and live separately.

During studies time I cared a lot what other people are thinking about me. I particularly cared about groupmates opinion about me. Deep down inside I wanted to gain respect from them. Deep down I wanted to be confident person and attract those two girls in-group.
And something happened:

After 1-st course, I came back to my small town for holidays. And my best friend Paul (Emex) was reading something under the tree. He was sitting under the tree branches on a sunny day and was reading something. I came up and asked:

–          “What are you reading?”

–          “Dating advices” – he smiled to me.

Because we were best friends, we were open to talk about everything. Paul needed some advices about dating a girl. And he found this pick-up community on the internet. He suggested me go out and try to approach girls. I said to him:

–          “No way my friend. Are you kidding me? Without alcohol? In small town? We are not clowns man. How others will look to us? No way my friend” – I looked to him and said.

I changed my mind when he showed a video when a guy approaches a girl and after 10 minutes he is kissing her. I could not believe what I see. I wanted to try this.

We started with Paul approach girls. Every day in the evening about 9pm, we were going around this small city. The beginning was hard. I was making huge pauses during the conversations. Sometimes was happening to me, that after opening I cannot say anything because of huge anxiety I was feeling inside. Some girls called me a stranger. A stranger who approaches and afraid to talk. We did not get any numbers at the beginning. I started to think that this is not possible and those videos witch I seen are fakes.

However, suddenly something very interesting happened…


I was going back to my home after pickup approaches. No numbers, no good reactions, totally no results. I saw one girl who was walking with her dog. I decided to approach her. I asked this stupid line:

–          “Should a guy bring flowers to the first date?” – I asked her.

I do not remember what I talked with her but we walked for a while and being near her home I asked her number and she gave me. I could not believe what happened. I was 19 years old, never had a girl and I got my first number!

Next day I went to date her. I touched her and even I kissed her. Of course, I did not fucked her. Still it was huge success in my life. My confident started to grow. Approach after approach I was becoming more and more stronger in social situations. My parents started see positive changes in me. I even told them some stories on how we meet new girls. They laugh, and my mother said:

–           “I never thought that my son be involved in such things”…

I returned back to university after hot, interesting, life changing holidays. My groupmates could not recognize me. I was in their eyes, “weirdo guy”. My body language was different. I changed my clothes style, body language, communication skills. I was becoming an Alpha Male.

I was going to gym. My body shape changed. I became more aggressive. Also I took some private dance trainings. When one my groupmate saw me in one Vilnius bar how I dance with a woman, how I seduce her, and how I am very confident, he could not believe what`s happened to me. He asked me:

–          “Aron what did you read?” – My group-mate asked me.

Personal stories of Alpha Males before gymPersonal stories of Alpha Males

End of the first part. Read Part II


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