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How to impress a girl who loves dogs and cum inside her next day

To maintain my privacy I go 2-3 kilometers away from a place where I sleep. Those females walk their dogs in their neighborhoods or 1-2 blocks away from where they live. I approached her with her dog, made photo with … Read

How to Impress a Single Mom and Put sperm to her in 2 Days

OMG men what happened is so amazing and turning ON!!! After receiving calls from senior investigators I sent written statement to senior police investigator: “On 10/07/2022, I received calls from senior investigators who did not read court practices on such … Read

How to seduce and fuck a girl at birthday party

Because of awesome reputation where girls leak information to other girls about my dance shows at birthday and bachelorette parties and how these shows are amazing, because of my energy, dance moves, music, confidence and other things I do, I … Read

Big ass French girl fucked by AMT

I thought write it or not, because 1. It is French girl which I fucked 3 days back 2. She has interesting body. I do not know how to describe. She is all into her ass :D, so she is … Read

How to Have Sex With Her for the First Time

Hi guys, how are you? We are amazing. One idiot wanted to promote his bullshit product by writing such comment under the product’s name which is on amazon (we will not write this product name, because we are not promoting … Read

How to Get Party Sex (It’s Learnable)

If you did not read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 , read all three of them, before reading this PART. So when I left with two females the atmosphere at apartment was nice and cozy – scented candles, led … Read

I have seduced perfect 9.5 blonde with big tits and ass for my individual dance training for men

Dance assistant for your training in VilniusCome on men, I was very lucky yesterday. You won’t believe what a new dance assistant I seduced!! Total 9.5 points blonde, beautiful face, good tits, ass, so feminine, it’s fun to dance with … Read

Getting Her To Sleep With You – Fucking her all night long

If you did not read PART 1 and PART 2, read them before reading PART 3. So aggressive guy with his friend’s girlfriend, who was no longer interested into him, because she was following that aggressive guy and was engaged … Read

Party Hookup: Bulletproof way For Guys to fuck girls

If you did not read PART 1 – read it! So we were sitting down, drinking wine, enjoying how the sun goes down and becomes more dark and dark. When led lights look really awesome. San Diego perfect ass teen … Read

Mastery Of Seduction: How To Hook Up With A Girl At A Party

Omg guys!!! This Friday turned out to something I did not expect. Now it is Tuesday and I am writing this pickup report. So this last Friday I received this Underage teen San Diego perfect ass girl’s message. She wrote … Read

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