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Pick up Infield footage Same Day Lay with Neighbor

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior how to make her addicted to youThis Same Day Lay with South-American girl happened yesterday when I went for a walk around apartments. I like to make Same Day Lays with my neighbors from other apartments. Once you please a girl in bed really well, she will tell her female friends: ‘Och my god – I met so confident and attractive man. He is amazing in bed!’ Women are open to talk about that. Make sure you are private guy and she trusts you that you will not ruin out her reputation. Read

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 3

Daygame Infield Pick up Apartment gameFinally we came to her apartment. Now it was dark outside. She jumped out from car with those sexy blue jeans. As they were a little bit small, she unbuttoned top button. And I could see her red panties. So fucking hot bitch. Read

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 2

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours policeman hatAs I said her: ‘my car – my rules’, I picked up my policemans hat and banana. I had hanged my stripper costumes in the back of a car. She asked me in flirty way:-‘So how much you get paid for one striptease show :)?’ – Jessica (fake name) asked me.-‘Guess :)?’ – I started to play game with her.-‘$500:)?’ – Jessica guessed that maybe I am earning $500 per one show.

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours

Daygame Pick up Infield Same Day Lay

This story happened back in Easter Europe. I was going to Kaunas (Lithuania) buy some striptease clothes. I am using them to make my powerful, shocking, irreplaceable males strip shows at bachelorette and hens` parties. All girls wait my shows because they know once Alpha Male will enter their house, their pussies gonna be wet. Read

Nightgame Infield Getting laid with 4 girls and making orgy PART 3

How to get laid from bars and Clubs Nightgame infield pick upWhen those two girls came back, they looked at me and asked:-‘Who you are?’ – 3rd girl asked me.-‘I am a dance teacher who hired Stefanie. I came here because Stefanie said that you need to improve your dance movements in clubs. I am serious. Please come with me. We will do…’ Read

Nightgame Infield Getting laid with 4 girls and making orgy PART 2

Nightgame Infield Getting laid with 4 girls and making orgy 1Dia already left home. So I was alone without car and just with 9 dollars. My apartments was 7 minutes away from city center if you drive with a car. If you walk, it is around 20 minutes. Yes, I could walk back to home, because I could not afford taxi and I did not have internet on my phone for UBER (like taxi, but cheaper one). So I was convinced by myself to join some random girls` group and go to their apartment. This is manipulation behavior. Mode 2 behavior. Read

Nightgame Infield Getting laid with 4 girls and making orgy

HOW TO GET LAID nightgame pick up infieldOch My God!!! What happened this weekend Saturday night is simple unbelievable for lot of young souls who used to be nice with girls and do not know any strong bold manipulation techniques to get your own way. For my clients who learned how to manipulate women and get laid is quite simple. I made orgy with 4 amazing bitches back to their apartment in Charlotte USA.

Nightgame infield video Sex in Car

outside from club girl 2I was making my Nighgame infield DVD program ‘How To dance With a Woman’ and I needed to shoot full pull from club to car with sex scenes. I wanted to show complete process from dance-floor to car and how I give her multiple orgasms. I called my buddy who was my photographer and operator. Both in one. I said him:-‘Lets go to clubs and make some girls happy’ – my buddy was working full day in Real Estate, so he was up to clubs. He wanted to relax and spend good time. But the real reason why he wanted to go was girls` hot asses. Read

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video

Same Night Lay Pick up Infield Video Getting numberDuring that time I was in Europe. I came back from Turkey to Lithuania. I was on vocation in Turkey. I wanted to bring high quality men`s classic clothes from Turkey to Lithuania. When i came back I was happy and on emotions. So I called my buddy and said him lets go to approach some girls and make Same Day or Night Lays. My buddy was happy that I called him and suggested. This activity connects us so much! Read

Same Day Lay 10s mulatto American girl PART 2

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 22I finished my Same Day Lay story with American mulatto girl. Here I am writing Part 2. Guys, her eyes were simply amazing. She is like another Rihanna. So beautiful! When I gave her compliment that she looks like Rihanna, she was surprised and honestly thanked me: Read

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