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How to seduce a girl who has boyfriend

I went outside my apartment at 12 a.m. Some hot girls walking around during lunch time. I see this beautiful sexy slim blonde walking in tight jean shorts. Such type of a girl I had in long term relationship for … Read

How To Approach A REALLY Busty Woman walking with her dog

As usual I went outside my apartment at 6 pm. Hot women after work are circling. I walk and I see this hot in shape gym woman with a white dog walking. She is wearing black glasses and looking really … Read

How to approach a girl when she is with her dog

I went to outside of my apartment. And I see this cute short with curly blonde hair girl in sexy tight grey leggings walking a small dog. First I checked her and when she walked back to her apartment I … Read

Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 14 Turn them ON for sex

Melbourne Victoria Australia. AMT Coach is working out in the gym. Adelaide South Australia Australia. AMT danced, seduced and fucked the shit out from this hottotal 10 point ass brunette!!!! Baku Bakı Azerbaijan. AMT is punching a punching bag. Qujing … Read

Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 13 Put sperm into her

Helsinki, Finland. AMT Coach with AMT Students taking girls for a dance in Night club AMT Coach gets ready for RS showIf you are in great shape and would like to be a dancer in hens partyat your city – … Read

From Approach to Cum Shot in Club’s toilet with a girl

What‘s up guys. I decided to share my story of the Saturday night which I find a really huge reference experience. I am connected to AMT because I am ex RS dancer. I contacted RS, sent couple pictures of myself … Read

Alpha Man Training Shocking Infield Part 12 Fuck the shit out from her

AMT is after building muscle and practicing martial arts and violence. Medellín Medellin, Antioquia Colombia. AMT is in first place. AMT approached this girl on the bus. Met same day later and fucked the shit out from her! while her … Read

Thrilling pull of hot teen

OMG Men!! What happened is thrilling and scary and very turning on! As we already been in jail we have more courage to do such things as we know what the process is waiting if a girl will claim us. … Read

From Approach to Removing Virginity for 20 years Old Girl

Welcome men to and in this video I would like share my story how I removed virginity from 20 years old girl, you know, that girls makes me happy , this story will help you out who are virgin … Read

His Girlfriend Had Sex With Another Guy REAL LIFE STORY

Welcome men to and to our amazing success of client. He is from Germany. He was dating a girl. He is 33 years old. He met that girl on the street, approached her during the day, have seduced her, … Read

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