Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)2

PART 2. In this photo Squatting Casanova is laughing and wants to destroy Julien and his student. Why this is happening? Because RSD Julien or other RSD instructor are too known. No longer they cannot work in quality way and fully concentrate on their students. Other guys play jokes about them and destroy their approaches. So you wanna be RSD student?Where is no infield with sex scenes. Chumps paid $3000 for Fake RSD PUA Bootcamp but never learned how to make from approach to sex. Read

Fake PUA Bootcamp (Matt Artisan, RSD, Sasha, ABCs of Attraction, Love Systems..)3

PART 3 This is happening in today’s world when a instructor went to CNN (like RSD Julien after Media scandal) or other RSD instructor who puts out lot of videos on Facebook and YouTube. For good quality product does not need lot of videos with lot of views. RSD Bootcamp is Total Fake who will teach you the beginning of approach. But you will not fuck girls after their bootcamp. Even more you will destroy your reputation, because other people will see that you are student of clowns RSD bootcamp and they will tell it to your friends, boss, co-workers. Read

From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 1

I am 30 years old. I am in high position of government work. I have a girlfriend with whom already together for 4 years. But honestly, I so want the other girls. When I see an hot girl, having curved ass in see thru leggings, I so want to make from approach to sex. I wanna fuck her on the same day. But my position in government work, boss, relatives stops me from approaching her. Maybe they will see me and I will destroy my reputation and will lose my job. I was searching dating advises what to do in this situation but nothing found. I have been in psychologist’s consultation.

From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 2 Sex with two Blondes

Infield. Friday Night. We jump to the car with AMT. Plan is created. We both know how to dance with girls. We look sharp. Our level of confidence is the highest. During infield we are both equal. We are both partners. AMT do not let to be a student during the practice. Here you will be equal partner who will work on different names, surnames and no one will understand what you did during infield pickup. This system protects your reputation 100 %. You will feel like working FBI agent who knows more than anyone else around you. Very interesting thing what AMT trained is how to estimate how many time you will need to spend on that girl in order to fuck her. Now I can say in minutes how much time I will need to spend in order to seduce that girl. Read

From Frustrated Chump to Social Ninja Part 3 Sex with two Brunettes

Saturday. We sat around the table. AMT explains me everything I need to improve from yesterdays’ night. Later on AMT adds other high level psychology knowledge into me. Such kind of knowledge you will not find in any university, book, video or internet. If such techniques will be published on internet it will attract negative attention from feminists and some government institutions. I am not 100 % sure, but I think AMT is not selling their Training to men who did not buy their any products, consultations. First I took Skype consultations and when I hired them travel to my city. So this time we needed drive to night clubs. Unfortunately there have not been girls in the bus stops. The feeling is amazing. You do not have any fear because you understand how people works. Read

Same Day Lay with 43 years old milf in her Jeep

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland SummitI approached older woman walking trough the shop I later fucked her in her own jeep while her daughter was at home. Her daughter is 22 years old. 1 month back I ordered From Approach To Sex. I think I have all other authors products but this one from approach to sex is something amazing. I learned all Alpha Male behavior and how to make from approach to sex. When you see other guy fucking beautiful young girls without spending any money, you simply become motivated and you change your beliefs. Read

Daygame Infield Video Boyfriend Destroyer Pickup

pickup-report-turning-her-onOMG guys!!! What happened today is simple unbelievable!
She came with her boyfriend. He waited outside while I was fucking her on the bed!!!

How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend Part 3

how-to-steal-your-roommates-girlfriendBlonde: “You are tanned naturally or you go to solarium?”Todd: “I go to solarium and I will need that you will put creme on my skin, because my skin used to be dry”Blonde: “OK”In the gym blonde ran few laps and later went to the gym with Todd. Todd was showing exercises and was imagining how he will bang her after the gym. She was doing squats and other sexy exercises.

How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend Part 2

from-approach-to-sex-with-roommates-girlfriend-2Todd was waiting that moment then Michael will leave to work and he will lie down on the bed, will open his room door and will start jerk off. 8 am morning Michael went to work. Blonde was alone in Michaels room. Todd opened his eyes and understood that it is time to do something because that blonde is leaving 2pm. Of course on the lunch time Michael will call her to see everything is OK or not.

How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend

from-approach-to-sex-with-roommates-girlfriendOMG! What story told my client Todd is unbelievable. He learned dancing techniques and from approach to sex. It was weekend, Friday. Todd`s roommate invited a hot girl for the weekend at their place. With this story Todd do not wanna to hurt any people. So listen How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend. Read

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