How To Pickup Girls If you Driving a Car

picking-up-girls-from-your-car-blondeGirls do not like to feel cheap and slutty. If a guy is lazy to drop a car to side street, a girl will reject him. A Girl wants to jump into a car, but after you talk to her, she knows something about you and she likes you. A girl does not like to be slut in other`s people`s eyes. She would jump to guy`s car, but other people will see that she is cheap and probably prostitute. She sells her for things. A girl afraid to run out her reputation in a city she lives. Read

How to get a Fuck buddy (+Infield)

how-to-get-fuck-buddyAll my clients and followers got fuck buddies who are at least 30 years old. She is older, not so beautiful, and she does not have so many options between men. If you wanna get a fuck buddy you should have a place where to have sex Read

Why do you give such prices

From-Approach-To-Sex-Product-LogoHello I am from France and have discovered your website. You seems very good but your products are too expensive it is crazy! Why do you give such prices? I am in Europe so do you recommend me any good dating coach and products to learn how seduce women? Read

Pick-up Training Vilnius

PUA training in Vilnius Lithuania Pick-up Artist Daygame Nightgame ApproachPick-up Training Vilnius – for men who wanna learn how to meet Lithuanian women on the street, in shopping malls, in parks. For men who wanna learn Daygame pickup and approach bars clubs during Nightgame. Read

Same Day Lay Beach Game Pick up

Same Day Lay Beach Game Pickup COVERUnbelievable guys!! What happened this Sunday is simply incredible! Here I will tell you my Same Day Lay report, where I approached amazing total 10`s blonde on the beach and pulled her to a forest and fucked on the same day. You will get all my experience and will become more clever in beach game pick up. Read

Same Day Lay She had a boyfriend

Same Day lay girl had a boyfriendIn this article I will tell my Same Day Lay story with a girl who has a boyfriend. I did my group dance training and drove home. I saw her walking. She was brunette with quite big tits and had that dancer energy. I started to feel girls who are in dancing. Read

Same Day Lay Report Girl in Blue

same day lay girl in blueOmg guys, what happened yesterday is unbelievable. I went with my client to daygame. We did lot of approaches, took numbers. Later I was going back to home and I saw this hot blonde. She was wearing black and moving her ass to right and left. She had very sexy walking. I approached her. She was after the work. She went to groceries buy some food. Read

Ben Alpha Man Training

To my Alpha Man Training came Ben. Before Alpha Man Training he paid for girl $10000, then he ruined out of money, a girl left him and went for another guy. Ben decided to change his life forever. He found Alpha Man Training on google, bought our products and later came to our training. First Alpha Man Training we did in Eastern Europe. Results were incredible. Ben got 40 numbers. He had overcome approach anxiety. He learned how to dance with a girl and seduce her on the dance-floor. He came back to England and got a new British nationality girlfriend for long-term relationships. Read

Alpha Man Training Odessa Ukraine

Daygame Nightgame Girls Odessa UkraineAlpha Man Training Odessa Ukraine – for men who wanna to learn how to pick-up girls in Ukraine, Odessa. We will train you cold approach pick-up. You will learn from approach to sex with complete strange girls. You will approach hot girls on the beach, on the streets, in shopping malls, in night clubs. Read

Alpha Man Training

How to get a girlfriend with Alpha Male AttitudeWe change your style and we teach you how to dance with a girl and seduce her. We provide the right Alpha Man mindset which attract females to your life. We also teach PUA stuff to attract women and create emotions to her body. After Stage 0 we expect from you Alpha Man dress style and improved body language how properly lead women and dance with them.

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