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Use these powerful AMT Pick up lines with caution. It is powerful tool to get any woman you want, but remember: the more girls you had in the past, the more hard is to create family or just long-term relationship with a girl. These are the lines: Read

What to Say When Approaching a Girl You Don’t Know

Over the 9 years I had approached over 200000 girls. I and my students  were going for almost 10 years each day and approaching unknown strange girls on the streets, in the parks, tube, universities, bus stops, shopping malls, bazaar, high school, college and other places. What to Say When Approaching a Girl You Don’t Know depends on the situation, because you do not want to make her feel insecure around you. Read

How to Dance at a Club for Men and Drive Girls Crazy

If your dance teacher is beta male, you will never learn how to dance at a club for men and seduce women. There are lot of men who can dance with a girl at a club but cannot seduce her. I never found in my life dance teacher who is an Alpha Male on the dance-floor. It is impossible. Now for me is 28 years old. Read

Taking Girl home for sex After Gym

What happened is unbelievable. I still cannot believe what happened. It was so unexpected!!! I thought it will be usual Sunday. I did not prepare my place for bringing girls home. I was sitting on the computer and playing counter-strike 1.6. Yesterday during the night when I played my college in counter-strike 1.6 said: “AMT Coach, you kinda lost muscles. How much you weight now?” – those kind sentences pissed me off but at the same time it motivated me tomorrow (means today) go to the gym.

SAME DAY LAY with a 20 year old Russian girl in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe

I did this same day lay when I finished my regular RIGA Latvia PUA bootcamp by training other men how to pick up women during day and night in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe. I am a private individual and one of AMT powerful strong instructors. We went to Gelerija Riga, my students wanted to go to toilet so we went up to the 7th floor while I was eating my white bread.

Quotes about being confident in yourself AMT

You should be a so big person that it’s not possible for anyone to insult you even if they try their best. There are two type of pepole. First type are who cry and bitch about how unfair everything is. Second type are aware of that, but they do everything they can to use that to their advantage. Read


You possess more power when you are needed instead of wanted. “Visualize clearly, precisely & frequently and it will manifest itself into reality”. It’s vital to stay positive in negative situations if you want to win. If you are in the habit of creating suffering for yourself, then you are probably creating suffering for others too Read


What people think about you, tell more about themselves than you. Patience is a great power which very few can master. Money buys experiences. Most of the time when we are honest someone ends up getting offended. Be ruthless on yourself; do not repeat the same tired methods. Read


“Thoughts are truly things, for the reason that every material thing begins in the form of thought-energy”“Positive and negative emotions can’t occupy the mind at the same time. You should be addicted to improving yourself”. It’s not about the problem, but how you react to it. Always remember that someone have less than you, but they are more happy than you.

Justin Wayne Review about Alpha Man Training

Hello, I am AMT student Justin Wayne and I want you to tell story about my life, how I got to these training and why. So first thing, I was very scared in social situations, I even can‘t communicate with my siblings, the only person who I wasn’t afraid was my mother. I didn’t have many friends, there was moments where sometimes I discovered some similar people to me and was trying to be friends with them, but most of the time I was alone and felt anxiety in social interactions. Read

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