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Party Hookup: Bulletproof way For Guys to fuck girls

If you did not read PART 1 – read it! So we were sitting down, drinking wine, enjoying how the sun goes down and becomes more dark and dark. When led lights look really awesome. San Diego perfect ass teen said that also will come other two females. One female will bring her boyfriend.

In 30 minutes I with other 3 San Diego girl’s female friends (turns out they are colleges at vocational school. So San Diego hot ass teen convinced them go to party to my place 😀 )

So I and three those female friends went to bus stop. We waiting waiting for 5-10 minutes and that other female friend with her boyfriend is not coming.

Also they will bring alcohol. So I said to girl: “Girls I go back to apartment and I will go downstairs when you will come”, they replied: “Okay”

And I went guys back to apartment! where San Diego perfect ass teen is alone!! I come back to apartment and she is lying on sofa in a sexy way. I started to turn her on!!! And look at the pictures below to her perfect total 10 point amazing ass to lick and fuck!!!!

She went on her knee’s, pushed ass out and looked thru the window when I was doing my job 😉

Amazing perfect ass in tight white sexy strings. Can’t say anything. Just look at the picture below:

I knew and she also knew that we have limited time until other party people will come. I started to fuck her

and thru the facebook her female friend called and said: “Open the doors!!!”, I went downstairs and I see this boyfriend is aggressive, he see’s my two earrings and called me gay and said also that I am preservative. I told: “How I can trust him and take to my party when he calls me gay and condom?” I went away from him and called to police. Near him was standing his friend and 5 females. 3 females who have been already at the party and two new females. At the picture below I am opening doors and he is meeting me with his “Who da fuck I am !!!” energy. Turns out he already was on probation and was searching by the police.

I called back to police and said them to not drive. I calculated it. Because if police will come, will check their IDs and some of them are underage, like 16 years old, and in this Eastern European country is a law: “engaging a minor to drink”, because I already drank alcohol with some of these other females and they could leak that info to police and police could ask questions to me about it or even charge. I do not know how they would behave. I talked to his friend. His friend said: he always like this. He just say words but he does not hit/punch. His friend also said that He also spat Semechka on his face. So it is totally no respect in their relationships. So I quickly got the idea that acting like this he wants to show in front of females how alpha he is :D, but he is not, he is actually minor on probation and searching by police.

Wait for PART 3 how I managed later this whole situation 😉

Yours !

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