Pick up Infield footage Same Day Lay with Neighbor PART 2 - post3596

Pick up Infield footage Same Day Lay with Neighbor PART 2

When I bounced her to bedroom I was just imagining how I will lick her pussy and how she will turn on by my incredible AMT techniques. I saw from her eyes and body language that she cannot believe what is happening right now and how I am confident being Total with No Doubt Alpha Male.

She ten times hit my face with her ass. And she calculated till ten, when she was doing it. IT IS SO SEXY!!!Guys! You cannot imagine how it is pleasurable. Before 15 minutes we were talking on street and now she is hitting my face with her ass!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS AMT POWER????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior how to manipulate women

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior good in bed

I said her:

-‘Make straight your hands and bend over the bed‘. Definitely she turned on and thought that I will turn on as-well. But no. I like to tease women until they crave to be fucked. As one my client in US said:

-‘You have an incredible solid system once you take a girl to apartment‘ – client from United States said it.

I said her:

-‘Now I will pull your panties and will lick your pussy. Close your eyes and start moan‘ – Alpha Male said.

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male in bed

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior what turns women on

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male licks girls pussy

I started to lick and play with her pussy. My all invested hours in learning how to please women in bed NOW GIVING ME AN AMAZING RESULTS. No alcohol, no pills, no drugs, just mindset of total ALPHA MALE. I do not need ask girl to drink. I do not need to throw pills to her drink in order to trick her and get sex. SHE WANTS SEX FROM ME. Do you see the difference? If all males in the world would be like this, all entire economy of drinks, cigarettes, drugs, fast food, and other shit would collapse. Once you have the Right Alpha Male mindset, no longer you need other shit to attract them. I do not need expensive car, I do not need my own house, I do not need Rolex to attract women. I was attracting women with AMT system for my entire life and it works simply unbelievable.

Hide your girlfriends and wifes from AMT System.

What I learned from this Same Day Lay?

You do not need go far away from your home. You can lay your neighbors. Guys, you do not need to afraid lose your reputation. You are doing good thing. You are showing good example for other men. If all men would approach women, the entire society will be more happy. It is OK to approach girls. Your neighbor girls will be attracted to this your behavior.

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  1. Lyuben says:

    Molodec ! Trying to affirm the same mindset as you have. Thanks for the content!)))

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