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Pick up Infield footage Same Day Lay with Neighbor

This Same Day Lay with South-American girl happened yesterday when I went for a walk around apartments. I like to make Same Day Lays with my neighbors from other apartments. Once you please a girl in bed really well, she will tell her female friends: ‘Och my god – I met so confident and attractive man. He is amazing in bed!’ Women are open to talk about that. Make sure you are private guy and she trusts you that you will not ruin out her reputation.

I went just few meters away from my apartment and saw very sexy, very feminine, with wide hips, amazing ass, pretty face young girl. She was wearing green dress. As green is one of Same Day Lays color it was good indicator to approach her. Also she had sexual energy. Her neck was straight, she did not have goal. It was perfect opportunity to make Same Day Lay.

For Alpha Males do not exist other peoples` opinion until it not hurts relationships. What I mean? You can make Same Day Lays with your neighbors until you will not make their life worse. Look: all women dream to lay Alpha Males and get them into relationship. That is their main GOAL in life. But all women at the same time do not want to lose reputation and friendship with friends, co-workers, family. If your Alpha Male Behavior will benefit their life, they will lay you.

I approached her on the street and asked:

Pick up Infield Video Same Day Lay Alpha Male Behavior

-‘I am just looking around. I wanna move to new apartments as I live in students` dormitory with three other people‘ – she said.

She did not have much time as she was waiting also her mom. It was Mothers` day in America and she needed go to other smaller city and spend time with her mom. I asked:

‘How much time you have?‘ – Alpha Male asked.

-‘My mom comes and picks me up on 6 pm‘ – she said.

Of course she felt Alpha Males` vibrations and in 90 seconds I sold my-self. SELL OR BE SOLD. In two minutes we entered my apartment. Simply incredible!!! I proudly can say that AMT system is new level and new era in Pick up industry. No one has this AMT system.

I showed her GYM where I am training myself. Did some other things which I cannot write over here.

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior Sexy butt
After one minute we entered my apartments:

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior Taking home

-‘Where are you from?‘ – hot south-american girls asked me.

-‘Europe‘ – I answered her.

-‘Och that is cool!‘ – She invested emotionally. She knows that dominant males come from Russia.

I took her to apartments like a small girl. I run this system like a script. Sometimes for me is very hard not be like a robot. I did so many those Same Day Lays in my entire life… If I would have camera 3 years back, Och my god guys, how many girls I could shoot…

I started to dance with her Bachata. I said her:

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior how to dance

-‘You know what. I trained people Salsa and Bachata for lot of years in Europe. And that Bachata came from your country – South America‘ – Alpha male said to her

-‘Och my good!!! Really??? That is cool!‘ – she was surprised.

I danced with her in a very hot way. And she started to turn on fast!

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior Turning her on

-‘Everything is OK that your dress lifted up. No problems‘ – Alpha Male said it.
-‘ha ha ha‘ – she smiled. I used some PUA lines and bounced her to bedroom:

Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior turn on for women
Pick up Infield Video Alpha Male Behavior how to make her addicted to you

OMG guys! You cannot imagine how her butt was sexy. She was so feminine and beautiful. Her butt was round and wanted my cock. She was enjoying spinning that butt around. She felt feminine. She thought that I will turn on. However. Alpha Male never turn on by woman`s beauty.
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