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DEPOSIT FOR Alpha Man Training

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You cannot manipulate people if you well-known person.

Girls talk with other girls about males they meet. They quickly find out your face and agenda on the internet. One of my friend knows one Turkish comedian guy. This guy cannot walk in public without security. He feels big stress being outside. It needs just one person to recognize him and that person tells other friend and they start approach him, take photos, make jokes about him.

All stars have artificial personality. People want to connect with them because of their created image. But they do not want to connect because of what the real person they are. They are popular but they cannot earn money. They lost trust in other people. People afraid to make business with stars because they they afraid to be published over the internet.

Then I am in secret, I sleep with minimum 3 different women per week. They do not know anything about me, except what I want them to know. They trust me, because I am not a star. They want create life with me. I can get my way.

If you want to become confident successful Alpha Male who manipulate other people in order to get his way, first of all, other people should not know anything about you. You talk with them what is necessary.

I know one guy who could not get any job because media has published his face among all over the country and all bosses do not want to have him in their companies, because of reputation this person has.

Being in secret you will not lose relationship with your parents, relatives and friends. People do not like confident Alpha Males. Their Ego want you put down. Once your closest people will find that you Alpha Male they will start communicate with you in different way. They will rise level of communication with you, because they will know that you know lot of material of psychology and you can manipulate them. They will want to protect themselves. No one except you ant your coach should know that you are using Alpha Male secrets.


Being in secret lets you do with people what you want

Being an Alpha Male means getting everything you want in Life. All your goals start with people. What they know about you? Do they like you? Do they trust you? Can you convince them to work for you? What girls are thinking about you? Do they know that you sleeping with other women? What is your reputation in your country?

Being an true Alpha Male means being in secret and making connections communicating eyes to eyes, over the phone. It means that other people cannot find any bad information about you on internet. Once people get your name and surname they write it on google and see what the real person you are. Especially leaders of companies and girls. They want to check, can they trust you or not. If they do not find anything about you, green light is shining to you and doors are opened for you.

Being an Alpha Male means being best choice around other guys.

Girls 9`s and 10`s have 6-10 guys around themselves. How you are better? How you are different? Why those models should choose you? When I became an Alpha Male I am sleeping with girls who keeping other men to provide them. These guys have good jobs, lot of money, expensive cars, own houses, but they did not put so much money and energy learning Alpha Male secrets. They focus on logic, while I focus on girls` emotions.

Being an Alpha Male means knowing secret manipulation techniques which other authors simply cannot say on Internet with their published faces. The real manipulation techniques witch I use in order to drive women crazy are very different from those on internet that you see in other videos. Authors with published faces and without huge real experience cannot tell to you.



1. Set a goal to become Alpha Male no matter what and never quit. Quitters never win. Quitters establish new habit of quitting, while Alpha Males go through all walls and blow everything in front of them. They do it on repeat and establish a new habit – never quit and finish any shit they set in their life.

2. Learn professionally how to dance with most beautiful ladies. All losers can spin a girl, touch her ass. Alpha Males can do lot of more stuff on the dance floor. They can do such lot of stuff, that professional trainers who were attending dance training since childhood cannot do these techniques, because they are too weak to be Alpha while dancing with gorgeous model. You minimum need to be Number 1 on the dance-floor. You need to invest lot of money and energy into it, because women are driven by emotions, which you will create on the dance-floor.

3. Learn to manage any social situation to your advantage. The girl does not want go to your apartment. You need to know how to change her emotion. A girl changed opinion about you. You need to know how to control her, her females, male friends, family, relatives opinions about you. You Alpha Male and you set Male/Female roles in the relationship.

4. Eat right food and exercise minimum 3 times in a week. That will provide fuel to your body. Go and learn martial arts. That will give you powerful body language and will help you to kick assholes then they will try to steal your girlfriend. You should reach that point, then you go on streets and you do not afraid anything. Vice versa you want to beat some asses. That level then in front of you stops a car, 4 guys jump out from car and come to beat you. You go with a girl and kick a leader of this group with one punch. Other guys scare.

5. Change your outfit, grooming. Learn how to cut your own hair by yourself. Every week you need to renew your haircut. Wear Alpha Male outfit. Stand in front of the mirror, take a trimmer, and cut your hair by yourself.

6. Be an outstanding lover in bed. Fuck models till that level, that they will say those words: “After sex with you, I am feeling pain in my pussy for two weeks. You are monster…”. Know everything about giving screaming orgasms in bed. Do all techniques, treat her like a whore in bed.


1. You ask yourself do I need it?

Look to those videos where I fuck girls and make them addicted to me. If every men will be like I, all companies will prosper, all men will get most beautiful ladies spending 0 dollars. All men live without problems. Imagine level of confidence you will gain, learning being Alpha Man around beautiful girls

2. You are picking girls in different country; probably this will not work in my country

I traveled around the entire world and I notice one same thing. Everywhere girls are same. Because they cannot change their genes. Also men are the same. If you enter the club in Europe, America, Russia, China they all stand and do not know how to be Alpha Male in nightclub. Same problems everywhere. Being Alpha Male works world-wide..

3. You are very far from me and it is difficult to do training

Now we can reach every country by plane easily. Tickets cost little.

4. Price is very high. I do not think that is worth it.

You can buy the newest Mercedes or BMW. Who will give you women, car or being Alpha Male? Being Alpha Male. You can buy helicopter, which will be nothing for a girl comparing with True Alpha Male

5. I am not sure that I will learn it

If others guys became Alpha Males. I mean on our website there is Alpha Males in menu, how you could not become Alpha Male? If they became, you can do as well.

6. I think I cannot learn it in 10days

You can if you will give your full energy and time to it. We will watch all Alpha Male secret material what we have and we go to practice it.

    • PLACE OF TRAINING: On skype
    • Date: We will schedule during Skype conversation
    • Time: on skype
    • Age: does not matter

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