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Our 5 months experience in Jail. How To not afraid being behind bars

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2018 July 10 detectives came up to us and charged us with raping a girl. They took lot of devices from us. We gave them with our own will. We wanted that they will see footage and will understand that we did not rape a girl and she had sexual intercourse with her own will.

A girl went to police after 3 weeks, and wrote a claim that we raped her. No evidence that we used force or drugged her. Police have arrested us and we went to Jail for 5 months until they cannot prove.

In this webinar we want to share our experience with you. Nobody is protected. Any man can be putted behind bars, if a girl with no morality blackmails you by writing a claim at police station that she experienced moral damaged and you should pay her  60 000.00 U.S. dollars. A girl blackmailed us by asking 57 308.25 U.S. dollars.

In this webinar we want to reinforce you in law, how to protect yourself from it and how to become fearless for Jail. We were under arrest in small box ( 35 inches x 35 inches to cells 75 inches to 75 inches). We went to Jail with publicly unaccepted crime – rape. We will tell how we stood for ourself and how you will be able to stand up for yourself if you will be charged with same thing. No one is protected. Nobody in life is protected at any time become disabled, homeless or behind bars.

DVD 1 (35 minutes)

  1. How detectives arrested us? What happened that 2018 July 10 morning
  2. In which stage of pre-trial investigation we are right now? How it makes my life complicated?
  3. How they broke a window in our condo?
  4. What goods they took from my condo during the search
  5. How we felt in custody during temporary detention
  6. How we felt when after 48 hours of temporary detention a trial gave me detention for 1 month serving it at the jail!
  7. How we felt when trial extended my temporary detention for 2 months more after being 1 month and 2 days imprisoned in jail in solitary
  8. After 2 months being in solitary we have been transferred to hospital. We will tell you why we have been transferred.
  9. In temporary detention facility we met 55 years old man. Real life story from a man who have been sentenced for 9 years for self-defense murder. He served 6 years in Russian prison and been released. This story will teach you how to be careful in life and not end up in prison.
  10. In temporary detention facility we met 50 years old man. He and his wife rented out garage for two men. Police have found illegal more than 500 liters Vodka in that garage but did not find those two guys who rented a garage. Police have arrested 50 years old man and his wife. This story will teach you how you should be careful for whom you are renting out your property and how to escape and deal with situation when you are arrested for the crime you did not commit.

DVD 2 (34 minutes)


  1. Which items you need to have in cell to make time pass quickly
  2. Books you must read in order to understand law and what consequences are waiting you if you will pass boundaries and will commit crimes. 99 % of us do not know boundaries, especially in sexual crimes. We do not know can we touch a girl’s hand, can we have sex with her on the same day, can we defend ourselves if someone want to hurt us. My main goal of this webinar is to give you my all experience and knowledge I have received from law books, people I met in prison, real cases, my lawyer.
  3. How to control you emotions when first time they put you in the cell which is 6 by 8 feet, stucco walls have fallen, crane sinks old rusty, lamp shines to your eyes all day, and you are locked for 23 hours a day.
  4. Why they were keeping us in jail me for so long, – 5 months? We were set up and blackmailed by a girl.
  5. How to control your emotions when you know you are going to jail with being set up for sexual crime which other inmates do not like.
  6. First items my loved ones gave me in the jail. With those items I spent the rest 23 hours a day. It is crucial what things you have in the cell. We will tell you my own experience
  7. Why we have been transferred into single bed cell and living by my own for 2 months!
  8. Which one single item you can have in cell to make time pass like rockets to the sky
  9. How we felt when we stepped outside the prison. Our release day!

Bonus DVD 3 (23 minutes)

Answering Followers` Questions


Welcome back!

I think it is unusual experience. I would not wish to anybody else to get such experience. I think somebody should know about it, especially for whom it is interesting and important. Most important, how to not give up and go forward if life puts you in such situation and how to move forward if you find some strength to recover after prison and get freedom? What transformations you experiencing, how thinking changes, how to keep this all shit? Because there is no justice… It is very strange that they were keeping you for so long by just hold on stupid strange statement from girl.



Arturas here Alphamantraining, I have been very busy for long time. I by my-self served 12 years in prison. What is the question?




It is amazing that you will do webinar. I am interested how your internal world changes after such dramatic incidents. How did you feel after you stepped outside the prison for the first day in freedom? How world-view changes?


Bonus DVD 4 (11 minutes)

Answering Followers` Questions



Welcome back to. Glad to hear. Because you suffered lot of in jail, and experienced lot of things, I think you could write your new book…I am the most interested what life experiences you can take from jail from which you can learn? How your thinking has changed? With what eyes now you look to society, nation, loved ones, women after all of this?




Would be interesting to see your new Webinar about your experience in jail. You wrote on time. I am replying to you after my first date and amazing sex with 38 years old Russian woman who I met thru my body-language. I opened her slightly touched her shoulder with my shoulder. I smiled her and after 1-2 minutes of talk we exchanged numbers. She barely knows few Lithuanian words, just speak in Russian.

I liked her, she has blue eyes, black hair and curvy sporty ass, also juicy lips, and panties were white with nice drawing. I turned her on using yours same day bang system. In bed she was good, I liked how she was moving in bed. After sex I just laid back, and she by herself did me a blowjob. I did not ask for it. I came in two minutes. That was awesome.

Today I am interested how to find what I would love to do and earn money at the same time. Because I am tired of going to work. I work as security guard. And sometimes I need to stand/walk in shopping mall for 11 hours. It is hard. Also I am struggling that girls do not respond to me after I take their phone numbers. I mean not all of them, but the percent is really dropped down.



Hey, I have a question. This accident and experience in jail stopped you or you are planning to continue your career as dating and lifestyle coach? What are your future plans?



Hey, tell us how detectives work



Hey! Amazing to hear that you came back! I do not have a question, but for is interesting to hear such experience.



Hey Alphamantraining, it is amazing to hear that you are released! I am very happy about you, because I know you are not bad person to be in prison. Would be interesting to hear your story, what experience you got inside the prison? And what do you think about this conspiracy against you? Eyes open and you could see that the world is build on conspiracy against each other. Once again I congratulate you and wish you good luck in your journey 🙂


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