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Wingman Training Material 25 hours

15,000.00 USD

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Product Description

Everything you need to know in order to pick up girls with your wingman and get laid


Pick-up techniques you need to know in order to get laid fast and easy. Take your wingman and meet your dream woman easily.


  • With a wingman you will get laid minimum 10 times faster, because of created motivation between both of you
  • Product is designed to pickup most beautiful chicks on the planet.
  • Alpha Man Training has knowledge witch are very powerful and work on girls. High Product Quality
  • AMT trained lot of students and all of them were successful. You also will become successful. You are safe
  • If you buy now you get huge discount. Discount will be removed FAST.
  • After payment you instantly watch everything on your computer. Tomorrow you can approach girls with a new knowledge
  • Program length is  almost 25 hours! You will learn everything!
  • We will remove this product FAST, because we do not wanna that lot of guys will know this GOLD knowledge on the planet


1 DVD (3h23min)

Meeting a client

  • Alpha Man Training pickups client from airport
  • AMT shows an apartment where client will live and bring girls

Training theory how to pick up girls

  • AMT trains him how to stop, open and make conversation with strange girl on the street
  • AMT trains him how to create connection with a girl
  • How to have attractive man`s body language. How to move and sit in order to attract females
  • How to start touch strange woman on the street
  • Same Day Lay system. How to make same day lays. This client was taught how to sleep with a girl in 2 hour. From approach to bed in two hours.
  • Negging Women – 5 Awesome Negs That Work. AMT gave negs for client in order to know how to put women down when they are bitchy.

Training how to pick up girls with a partner

  • Wingman Training material. Client was taught how to pickup girls with a partner.
  • How to approach girls in café with your wingman.
  • How to make them laugh and fall in love with you.
  • How to make them fantasize about having sex with you
  • How to be the best choice around other men for women
  • How to dance striptease for women. How to be confident to do it. AMT trained client lap dance steps.

Daygame practice

  • Client and Alpha Man approach two girls sitting in café. Client creates attraction, while Alpha Man isolates another girl. In the end client is very confident and happy by results. Girl was totally interested in to him.


  • Client gives his feedback about first day of Alpha Man Training.


2 DVD (2h30min)

Giving feedback to a client

  • AMT says every strength of this client. You will see how his self-esteem with raise up.
  • Correcting all client`s body language and verbal mistakes

Training Alpha Man mindset

  • How to be Alpha in social situation. How to deal with jealous guys who want to destroy your pickup.
  • How to deal then a girl wants to leave you: “sorry, I need to go”; “sorry, my female friend is waiting me, I need to go”. You will know how to make them interested to not leave you.
  • How to bring a girl home. Improved logistic plan for a client

Training pick-up techniques

  • Training a client to create deep and wide rapport
  • How to bounce a girl to a new place

Analyzing videos

  • Alpha Man Training analyzes all approaches and correct all body language mistakes and also verbal mistakes. Client is very happy to know what he did wrong and how to change it in order to get results.


3 DVD (2h34min)

Meeting another client

  • Picking another client from airport. He will be a wingman for first client. AMT will train them how to work in team.
  • Creating a team from both of them

Dress for success

  • AMT went with clients to shop some clothes for pickup success

Night Game practice

  • Clients approached sexy girls outside bars, clubs. You will see every approach and how they attracted women.
  • Client No 1 talking with amazing sexy blonde
  • Client No 2 dancing with superb sexy hot chick
  • Oher many approaches


4 DVD (3h49min)

Analyzing Night Game

  • What to do if a girl has husband or boyfriend. Boyfriend destroying material
  • How to tell stories interestingly

ABS training

  • Fitness trainer showed exercises to have an amazing abs.


  • Diet plan in order to get abs. Girls love strong abs in guys.
  • Buying a food witch is necessary to get abs

Wingman Training

  • Alpha Man Training has started to train these two clients work in team.
  • How to be a good wingman
  • How to approach group of girls with a wingman
  • Best openers for groups of girls
  • Best story telling techniques witch work
  • How to create deep connection with a girl that no one man can create in this restaurant
  • Plan from approach till sex for you and your wingman


5 DVD (2h56min)

Day game Practice

  • Student No 2 pick-ups an amazing 9s brunette, dominates her, seduces. He keeps her hand like an old couple and bounce her to café.

Dance Training

  • How to spin a girl and create emotions to her
  • Leading techniques in dancing. How to control a girl well in dancing.
  • Kiss-close techniques
  • Advanced spinning techniques to create powerful emotions

Pickup Training

  • Advanced conversation model
  • Advanced kino techniques
  • Advanced body-language techniques

6 DVD (50min)

Night Game practice

  • Clients working like a team in night game. AMT is very proud about that. One sexy blonde is interested in Client No2
  • Clients show an amazing body language in night game

Day Game practice

  • Client No1 shows an amazing player skills. He seduced a girl who has a boyfriend.

Infield break-down

  • Alpha Man Training explains every mistake of client and suggest how to correct it.
  • Lift up techniques in dancing
  • Advanced dip down techniques
  • Advanced techniques to isolate girl in a club
  • Advanced kiss-close techniques


7 DVD (2hour29min)

Night Game practice

  • Client No2 shows amazing skills in night game. He dances with very sexy brunette and seduces her.
  • Client No2 approaches another brunette and he seduces her as well. This client is on fire


8 DVD (2h10min)

Advanced Dance Training

  • Repeating advances Lift up techniques in dancing
  • Repeating advanced dip down techniques in dancing
  • Repeating kiss-close techniques
  • Repeating leading techniques
  • Repeating dancing combinations

Abs Training

  • Advanced exercises for abs
  • Training exercises for back


9 DVD (2hour12min)

Dance Training

  • Repeating advances Lift up techniques in dancing
  • Repeating advanced dip down techniques in dancing
  • Repeating kiss-close techniques
  • Repeating leading techniques
  • Repeating dancing combinations

Abs Training

  • Exercises to get ripped abs

Analyzing infield

  • What kind of body language you need in order to get most attractive women to your life

Night Game Training

  • Tricks that will make girls panties wet
  • How to touch a girl in a club to make her want sex


10 DVD (2h18min)

  • Testimonials form Clients` about Alpha Man Trainings


ALL DVDs are 25 hours duration


  • Buy this DVD (after payment system will automatically unlock videos for you)
  • Watch videos and learn how to pick up girls with a partner
  • Go with your wingman and pick up girls
  • Get laid and meet your dream woman


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