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Shy Asian 6’0 (183cm) To Total Alpha Male

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Product Description

Complete transformation of shy Asian guy to Total Alpha Male. Asian client took 1 week off for Alpha Man Training. During that week he dramatically increased his confidence and learned how to approach and have casual non exclusive relationships with women during the day.

In the end of training Asian client gave amazing feedback for AMT and was thankful for training !

Asian man rented out 3 bedroom Ranch in Phoenix Arizona. In living room they were doing Alpha Man Training. Asian male bought magnet board, provided food and paid for other expenses.

In the End of Training Asian client was superb confident and became Total Alpha Male!



1 DVD (Duration 39 minutes)

Flight from Washington D.C to Phoenix Arizona

AMT meets their client in Phoenix airport

How to arrange Alpha Man Training. Client tells his way how he took 1 week off from work and prepared for Alpha Man Training

Law. What rights you should know before starting approach women on the streets and in the malls

NightGame. How to sneak in girls’ apartments in 7 minutes on 2-3 a.m morning when girls go home. In that way you will save lot of time and money going to clubs and trying to seduce them. AMT Manipulation systems. Advanced stuff.

How to approach girls in the gym and bang them on the same day. AMT tells their story how they approach a girl in the gym and slept with her in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Later that girl became girlfriend of one AMT couch.

AMT executive coach tells his story how from small village in Eastern Europe he achieved high confidence and started to bang girls around the world. After this story you will learn exact steps how you can achieve this as-well

AMT executive coach and Asian client arrived to the Ranch where they rented out for training. You will see what kind of apartment you need to get in order to seduce young 18-23 years old girls.

Asian client tells his story how he became vegetarian

Asian client and AMT executive coach gets food to eat. You will what kind of food you need to order in purpose to maintain good shape, high level of testosterone and also save time which you will use for approaching girls

2 DVD  (Duration 49min)

AMT executive coach tells his all experience about how he successfully was running two dance schools back in Eastern Europe.

Asian client tells how he asked his female friend to participate in dance training. You will get knowledge how to convince your females friends come and help you to learn AMT Dancing techniques

AMT executive coach and Asian client checking out places for Night Game

AMT executive coach tells his priceless life story what happened when they did massive amount of approaches back in Eastern Europe in their country.


1 DVD (Duration 52 minutes)

How to overcome approach anxiety forever

What opener to use and how to continue conversation with a girl

Entire pull to home. AMT executive coach show infield video and explains how to pull a girl from street to bed in 1 hour

How to spark attraction in a girl’s body

2 DVD (Duration 1 hour 14 minutes)

App to use to protect your identity once you will approach lot of girls. This app gives you fake number and fake location. 100 % you will be sure that you will not have any problems with cops

Los Angeles Salsa Basic Step. AMT Executive coach trained Asian Client and His blonde female friend salsa techniques

Basic AMT Dancing techniques which you will need once you will approach girls on the street. You will use these techniques to create attraction in their body

3 DVD (Duration 55 minutes)

Asian client gets his first number. AMT executive coach and client celebrate success of daygame.

Asian client do other approaches in shopping mall. You will hear all conversations via wireless microphones and will learn what to talk to girls.

4 DVD (Duration 44 minutes)

How to prepare apartments for Nightgame. What alcohol girls like. You will learn what type of alcohol you need to buy in order achieve success with girls once you will pull them from clubs or streets back to your place.

Asian client at the same time approach girl in shopping mall and gets her number. You will learn how to approach girls in groceries and get their numbers.

AMT executive coach tells a story how he met American girl in Charlotte and seduced her. That girl later wanted to marry him and open a Europe for her.



1 DVD (Duration 52 minutes)

Complete system From approach to Sex for Daygame. You will learn how to approach girl during the day, get her number, ask out for a date, seduce her on the first date and have sex.

How to reprogram girls mindset about sex. This powerful AMT technique will let you to change girls mindset into wanting to have sex with you on the first date. This technique change girl’s perception about sex.

How to escalate a girl

Full escalation back in apartments. How to turn a girl on for sex

2 DVD (Duration 50 minutes)

Asian Client meets his dream girl. He successfully approaches her on the street, pulls to restaurants, seduces. AMT executive coach and Asian client celebrate success of Alpha Man Training

Secrets of Alpha Male’s body Language. AMT executive coach trains Asian client how to use Alpha Male’s body language in order to seduce females.

3 DVD (Duration 41 minutes)

Breaking down all Asian client’s mistakes what he did during the daygame.

Nightgame in Salsa place. Asian Client had practice dancing with women.

4 DVD (Duration 33 minutes)

Infield Video of Nightgame


1 DVD (Duration 52 minutes)

How to approach girls in the gym.

How to hit on the girls in the gym

Complete plan from approach to sex

How to choose people in your life to work with. AMT executive coach gives advice.

How to approach group of girls. AMT executive coach shows videos from Europe. All techniques you can easily apply in any other country as girls are the same and they cannot change their genes.

2 DVD (Duration 50 minutes)

Family game. How to approach a girl who is with mom.

How to approach two or three girls walking in the mall.

How to seduce girls who have boyfriends

Reframe technique.

3 DVD (Duration 53 minutes)

How to be Alpha Male in relationship with a girl and maintain high value and attraction. AMT executive coach give all his life experience how he became an Alpha Male and how he is leading relationships with women and maintain high value and power. After this you will have Alpha Male’s mindset.

AMT executive coach approaches amazing hot two blondes in the gym and seduce them. You will see entire infield video and will learn how to talk to girls in the gym. You will learn how to approach not just single girls but both two girls.



1 DVD (Duration 48 minutes)

Asian client tells what happened on the date with a girl. He took that hot blonde to the date and seduced her. After this report you will understand how to seduce woman on the date

AMT executive coach corrects Asian client’s mindset on how to take a girl home.

Asian client and AMT executive coach went to approach more girls in order to not be attached to one girl. You will see how they expanded options between girls to choose.

2 DVD (Duration 48 minutes)

How To Escalate on The Date

What To Talk on the date

How to touch a girl on the date

How to turn a girl that she would come to your apartment for sex

How to make cold approach and pull a girl instantly to a park and make out. Entire infield video from London. Alpha Man Training did couching in London and made complete Alpha Male. You will see entire infield video where student makes cold approach and pulls girl to the park and makes out!

3 DVD (1 hour 3 minutes)

Part 2 on how to escalate a girl on the date. You will get all techniques you need in order to be successful on dates. You will learn how to escalate any girl on the date and achieve amazing success.



1 DVD (Duration 41 minutes)

How to create your own apartment and start feel Real Alpha Male

AMT executive coach personal experience how he created amazing apartment in Vilnius created social circle, seduced girls and achieved confident Alpha Male state

AMT executive coach personal experience on how he ruined a dance schools. How he found two ballroom studios and created a dance school.

How to quit relationship with a girl who does not support you and just drain you

How to use girls as maids and helpers for your business

2 DVD (Duration 49 minutes)

How Alpha Male manages relationship with his male friends. Does he borrow them money? AMT executive coach personal priceless experience

How Alpha Male manages relationship with his parents. Does he create business with them? Does he borrows money from his parents? AMT executive coach personal experience.

3 DVD (Duration 42 minutes)

How to be happy in the life. Alpha Male Mindset


1 DVD (Duration 41 minutes)

How to seduce a girl with a car on the first date. A girl does not have a car and will come to a date. AMT executive coach tells his story how he seduced a girl with his car

How to create seductive-classy furniture to your future apartment where you will pull girls

2 DVD (Duration 47 minutes)

Asian client’s testimonial about Alpha Man Training

Celebration of victory of Asian guy transformation to Total Alpha Male

Frequently asked questions

If I am shy Asian guy, will I be able to achieve such success like this Asian client?

Yes, once you will get all knowledge and motivation after watching those DVD you will start to become Alpha Male. After 1-2 weeks you will become Total Alpha Male. But it is your responsibility.

Faces will be blurred out?

No. You will see all faces, including Asian shy guy and girls. You commit not to reveal any identity and personal information in this product. If you will break it you agree to pay $ 1000000 for

How many days I will be able to watch this DVD ? does not commit to keep product all life time, but not less than to weeks after the product has been purchased. Be ready to take notes and learn everything from this DVD.

If I am 18-25 years old, will I be able to become Real Alpha Male?

Yes. Age does not matter. All maters is your mindset and commitment. You can be 55 years old man, if you will have Alpha Male’s mindset you will be able to seduce any woman you want. Females around the planet cannot resist for Real Alpha Males.

What will happen once I will purchase this DVD?

DVD will be unlocked under your account. You will watch by clicking my products on website


What is the length of this program?

69.3 GB – 17 hours 30 minutes


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