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From Approach To Sex with 5 Different Girls

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Product Description


dancing girl 1Girl 1 (Video Duration 49min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

It happened on Thursday. I approached her during day time. She was wearing sexy blue skirt. Her legs were simply amazing.

I approached her, initiated talking. She rejected me almost 3 times. When I did one my gold technique and happened shift in her mind. I became sex-worthy guy in her eyes.

Same Day I suggested her go to nightclub and dance with me. After that club I drove her back to my place and fucked deeply 5 times per night making her addicted to it. You will see all my techniques, conversation structure and sex scenes.


  • How to Approach a girl on the street
  • How to Make her interested in you
  • How to ask her meet again and go to nightclub with you
  • How to make her horny on the dance-floor
  • How to bring her back to your place
  • How to fuck her well in order to meet her again

All sex scenes are filmed to show you how Alpha Male should fuck a girl.

Girl 2 (1hour 28min)


Approach, Talking, Sex

It was usual Saturday. I went with my partners to nightclubs. I saw her dancing with some friends. She was dancing alone. It was good opportunity to approach her. By the way – she had an amazing ass. On the scale from 1-10 her ass was 10.

She was surprised by my Alpha Male dancing techniques on the dance-floor. I made her horny, then said gold lines to pull her away from a club. We went outside.

I kissed her a lot and when…You will see in videos.


  • Dancing/seduction techniques on the dance-floor
  • Spins, lift-up, kiss-close techniques in order to make her want sex with you
  • Pulling away from club strategy
  • How to pull girl to your car
  • How to make her leave friends in club and go for sex with you
  • How to give her multiple orgasms in order to make her addicted to you

controlling a girl 3 photo2Girl 3 (1hour 3min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

I saw this girl in the shop where I buy costumes for male stripping. I realized that she is that type of a girl with whom you can make SAME DAY LAY. We jumped to my car and drove to Vilnius.

I started to train her how to dance a striptease for men. She was wearing red panties, white stockings. Her ass was so gorgeous. I was for her an authority. I was controlling her how I wanted. She did everything what I said to her.


  • How to approach a strange girl and make her your`s client
  • How to convince her to buy training from you (pay money a have sex with you. Simple incredible!!!)
  • How to become an authority for a girl
  • How to control a girl (tell her strip to the waist, strip to the skin)
  • How to overcome her last minute resistance for sex
  • How to make her want sex with you NOW

Girl 4 (1hour 36min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

I was going to meet a client. My energy was so high. I was pumped up, because I had a striptease order and my all sexuality was opened. She noticed that amazing energy coming our from me and she looked to me in a very sexual, inviting to approach eye contact.

I approached her. I do not remember what I said but I just remember that I quickly took her number. After 2 hours I called her and started represent my situation as I do not have where to sleep and I want to spend these couple days in her apartment.

I ended this night in my car by licking her pussy and fucking her on my car`s back seat.


  • How to convince a girl to sleep in her apartments over the phone (MANIPULATION TECHNIQUE)
  • How to act like Alpha to her all tests
  • How to act if other guy comes to the set and wants take her (Alpha Male Social Skills)
  • How to bounce her back to your car
  • Hacking all social situations
  • How to be an amazing lover in car

Girl 5 (2hour 37min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

I was in the shop mall. I was going to make Same Day Lays. She was wearing black skirt. I noticed that she is Same Day Lay type girl. I approached her and started fucking around (Just saying jokes and getting her in the mood for one night stand)

In 3 hours I was fucking her in my apartment. Her ass was incredible. When I undressed her trousers I could not believe what I seen. Her ass was so round and so sexy. I fucked her and enjoyed my new trophy. You will see this amazing sex scene.


  • How to recognize Same Day Lay Girls (Girl with whom you can make SDL)
  • How to be funny
  • What jokes tell to a girl in order get her in One Night Stand Mood
  • How to change her mind about sex on the first day
  • What stories to tell in order to gain her trust fast
  • How to be dominant in bed
  • How to lead things forward in order to not stop and lay on the same day
  • How to touch in order to make her think about sex

BONUS Girl 6 (1hour 40min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

I saw a girl in the street and I realized that she is that type of girl with whom you can get laid on the same day. She was waiting her friend I said:

– “whatever let’s go for a drink and we will wait your friend”.

She answered:

– “I don`t know..”

So we went and she bought me a tea. I changed her attitude towards sex. She was not prepared to sit down in my car, so I took her another to park. After that, I drove her back to my place. I was imagining how I will touch her legs, ass through her stockings.
Operator could not believe what happened. I took 10s model home after 1 hour. It is simple incredible!

I went to toilet, jerked, and came back with penis outside. I took her for dance, bounced her near window, she bended over and I stacked my penis into her ass and we looked to castle trough the window. She felt my penis but did not say anything. Later I lifted her up and bounced to bedroom. She said: “You are like all men”, I fucked her so strongly that after sex she said that she was feeling some pain in her pussy. After this same day lay I was feeling that no one can stop me in this life.


  • How to manipulate a girl in order to make her think how you want
  • How to approach and say things witch lead to sex
  • How to go for insta-date
  • How to pull girl to your car
  • How to keep her good mood all the way you pull back to your place
  • How to change her emotions (for example if she does not want sex with you right now)
  • How to be the best lover among her all men and give her best sex

BONUS Girl 7 (2hour 3min)

Approach, Talking, Sex

I approached her in bus stop. Next day I met her in the same place. We went to my favorite restaurant. I started to change her mind about sex. She was 18 years old and she was keeping guys away from sex minimum 3 months.

I reprogrammed her mindset about sleeping on the first day and pulled her back to my place. I licked her juicy pussy, fingered and when fucked. Everything is recorded. Video is amazing.


  • How to reprogram her mindset about sleeping with you on the first day
  • Easy way to isolate her to sex location
  • What lines to say in order to push things forward very fast
  • How to touch her in order make her irresistible to you
  • How to take control in bed and dominate her totally

Alpha Male Pulls a hot Lithuanian GirlBONUS Girl 8

Approach, Talking

It happened one Saturday. I was going to make same Same Day Lays. I entered one shopping mall and saw this hot blonde sitting on the bench. From first view, she was waiting something. From second view, I understood that she is without serious goal.

I approached her, represented my-self as guy from Armenia who came to Lithuania. I saw from her eyes that she is “eating all of me”. I decided to invest my time and make with her Same Day Lay. In two hours, I was fucking her. It is simple incredible what it means being True Alpha Male.


  • What pickup lines use in order to attract her fast
  • How to be dominant around her
  • How to pull her away from shopping mall

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faces will be blurred?

No, except girls` faces. Face of Alpha Male will be not blurred so you will be able to learn all his behavior and traits in order to drive women crazy. For girls faces will be small blur, you will not identify their face, but still will see all their reactions.

Why faces are strongly blurred in intro videos?

Because of privacy an law.

Do you actually show us video proof of you having sex with the girls you pickup, or is it just getting numbers and dates?

I show how I get laid. From approach to sex. The goal of this DVD is to train you how to do it. After you will watch this DVD, we will talk on Skype, and we will see, did you understand. I will ask questions to make sure, that you have a plan from approach to sex.
Basically you risk is zero. I have no bad feedback on google over 6 years. I will not let you be unsatisfied with my product. We will talk on Skype till you will be satisfied. I work in pickup field 24/7, 365.

I just want to make sure the program is in English?

All program is in English. You will see how these girls are getting fucked. Will be five different girls who I fucked. It is enough to understand techniques.

What length of this program is?

806minutes. It is almost 14 hours. It is enough to understand how to make From Approach To Sex.

Will you ship this DVD to my country?

No. After Payment, system will automatically unlock those videos on your account. You will watch them online. You can watch them with slow internet.

How I will get those videos?

After payment you will login to with your username and password. You will click my products and watch all these videos.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.

“From Approach To Sex with 5 Different Girls”

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