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Same Day Lay 10s mulatto American girl

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 16OMG guys, what happened today is simply amazing. I went to leasing office at my apartment to talk about parties. I wanna make some great parties where my apartment people can hangout and have some fun. People here live disconnected and stressed out. I think parties will connect them and will make them more happy.

I expected nothing. I saw this amazing total 10 mulatto american girl talking to leasing officer. First few words which popped up to my mind were:

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 1

-“Och my god, she is awesome. Total 10. I should make Same Day Lay with her no matter what. No matter she has boyfriend, husband, kids, is on hurry DOES NOT MATTER. Alpha Male goes thru everything and he is not afraid of nothing. I will kill everybody who will stand against my path. I just said her:

-“Do not rent here. They charge here for everything” – I told her. She was surprised by my words and asked:

“What do you mean???” – she scared and asked with her big eyes. It is very good indicator that she invested emotionally into my pick up lines.

-“Come I will show you. It will take just 1 minute. You will be surprised” – I told her and pulled her in few seconds. Having Alpha Male mindset is just incredible. Girls see your body language, attractiveness and cannot resist for your leading.

I started to lead her and show those fucking apartments.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 2

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 3
My goal was to make same day lay with her no matter what. I knew that if I will exchange numbers she will not respond to me. I said to her:

-“Lets go. I have just 5 minutes. I will need go back to work” – girls love it to hear. It makes them feel safe. I pulled her back to my place.

I showed her what kind of apartments i rent here. How much I pay and what the life is going over here. I said her:

-“I do not like to sleep on this bed, because I used to sleep on hard bed back in Europe. So I sleep on mattress” – I said to her

-“Hmm. I cannot believe that this bed is not comfortable for you 🙂” – she smiled.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 4

I was quite lazy. Because I had 4 fucks in 4 days. But decided to give pleasure for this mulatto girl as she was total 10 mulatto girl. I raised up her emotions by using my dancing, leading, spinning techniques.

daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 6 daygame infield pick up video mulatto girl 7


I said her very important pick up lines in order go sexual with her. Those lines I just give for my clients in Alpha Man Training. Soon she started put white stockings on her legs.

She was screaming:

-“Oh my god. Are you a dancer?!” – I raised up so high her emotions that she forgot to check out another apartments. Thats what I call Real Secret Alpha Males` game.

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5 Responses to Same Day Lay 10s mulatto American girl

  1. Angelo says:

    I really love your job, but I have a question, why don’t u tell straightforwardly the women that you’re attracted to them. I think it’s more masculine.

  2. aras says:

    what can i do in an islamic country??da you have any idea how terrible is to stop a girl on street and just speak with her in my town? people will judge or blame or fight with you i have a lot problems man can you help me

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