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Same Day Lay Report: From Water Park to Bedroom Part 1 Approaching

One of our mate suggested amazing system how to go for free to water-parks. As for you to overcome yourself to get yourself out of apartment you need get enough value from pick-up. We knew that we would get 3 hours amazing relaxing time for free, so it is enough to overcome yourself to move out from apartment and make same day lay if we will recognize same day lay girl.

We went to one headquarters of this Water Park but  an administrator could not let us in.  So we registered to their next branch and went. At this branch administrator let us. So now we are walking inside. Other people can not realize what kind of knowledge ant systems we have to use on girls to make same day lays. Older men and immature guys with their partners coming to Saunas, Jacuzzi, smoke Sauna do not have a clue what an Social Ninja in terms of seducing fast is sitting next to them.

We were spending relaxing time and observing for almost an 1 hour when our eye have caught this big ass girl in red bikini. She looked really sexy. She was swimming. We went to pool, started so swim. We used AMT systems and started to touch her. Used Social Ninja hacks and became authority for her. In 15 minutes we together as couple went to Sauna.

Guys sitting around could not understand – we are couple or not. All those males want her, but nobody of them knows  AMT Systems. One of them is muscular, tanned, try to look good man, even spills water on hot stones at Sauna by trying to show what gentleman he is, but nothing works. A girl he wants is sitting near us, because of emotions we have created in her body.

What we noticed we instantaneously gained respect from Sauna guys by having such big and sexy ass girl next to us.

Read part 2 what happened next


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