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Same Day Lay Report: From Water Park to Bedroom Part 2 Driving in her car

In the Sauna she said: “I like to change temperature. Go from hot to cold. Be at Sauna and go to cold shower, when repeat the process”. As we did powerful approach at the beginning and already we in her mind as sexual partner it doe not matter what she is up to.  It does not matter that where she is going by herself at this water-park. The real game and seduction will begin once we will leave this Water park.

She said: “I am thinking to leave this water park in maybe 40 minutes”, we said “Okey wait us at  the entrance where administrator is”, she said “but I am quite very quick in women’s locker room, I know you will be late hahaha”

We went to men’s shower (also where is locker room), she to women’s shower (also where is locker room).  At that time when we came to administrator post to give back the bracelet (thing which lets you to enter pool, sauna and other activities) medical girl (at the sauna she said that she is working in the hospital) was already sitting at the chair. Everything was up to plan. This is so amazing. Like you are controlling the situation. Same Day Lays changed the whole seduction in pick-up.

We went for a walk and we used AMT systems to kiss her. In the picture below we are kissing her. She is standing in front of us. We both wearing hoddies and nobody can’s see our faces. We are around 9 pm at the street, people are walking around, others go home, and we just met 2 hours back and now kissing each other by wearing hoddies on our heads. We really loved that moment making out by wearing hoddies. It really gives lot of privacy.

It was so amazing to feel her juicy lips. We felt our chemistry’s have clicked to each other. She said: “I need go home. I have 2 dogs and cat and I need to feed them”, we have destroyed her excuses with AMT systems and went to her car. Started to drive. As you could see in the picture below how big and amazing her ass is. In this photo we manipulated her emotions’ and we are going to her car.

She so cared for us that even being in her car she suggested to drink water. She was very nice and tried to get validation from us. In the picture bellow we are driving to apartments. As you see, here is mineral-water bottle. She opened it and suggested for us first to drink.

We jumped off from car and went upstairs. In the picture below we are unlocking apartment’ s doors. We felt so excited as 2 hours back we were unknown to each other and now she is standing close to our apartments’ doors. Unbelievable.

Read Part 3, what happened in apartments.


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