Same Day Lay Report: From Water Park to Bedroom Part 3 At Apartments - post5676

Same Day Lay Report: From Water Park to Bedroom Part 3 At Apartments

In the picture below you could see we give her slippers at apartment. She asked: “Is it your’s apartments or you are renting it? in other words – you are owning this condo or you are renting apartments?” we replied with AMT systems and she no longer asked such kind of questions.

We went to sofa and she said: “I can not be here for long because I need to feed my dogs. They are waiting me”. We have manipulated her and created such emotions in her body, that she could see us for the last time. She told us: “I need tomorrow be at work, and I need to have fresh mind, I cannot stay at your place, I need go downstairs and drive back”. In the picture below you could see what kind of social ninja you will become after learning AMT systems. We are kissing each other very passionately. She was very feminine as she is works as medic in hospital. We love such kind of women.

She jumped on us and did not let her to do it while being with clothes. In the picture below you could see how our dick is hard and how she is pushing her ass back while standing up. Her ass is really amazing and big. Very feminine.

She said: “we can’t go over there. We will not sleep. I can not do this. I said you, I need go home. No. I need at least 7 hours to sleep in order to be able to concentrate at work. I work with kids in hospital. I can not do this. If tomorrow I would not need go to work, yes definitely we could do this, but now, no, I can not do this, please no”

While she was saying it, we, every excuse and hesitation for sex overcame with strong AMT systems and in the picture below you can see how we took control over her mind and she is doing what we want. Pure insane AMT SYSTEMS.

In the picture below you could see how we are placing our hand under her pants. She is keeping her hand on our hair. She really enjoys this moment. The sex was pure gold. We could not describe in words how amazing ass she got. You are inserting your cock and you could feel all these amazing tights, tits, and the whole body. You passionately kiss her and you enjoy your new Same Day Lay trophy.

We will make you Social Ninja with our products in which we show step by step insane AMT systems which let you to take control over woman’s mind. Our new brand 2020 product From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls v2   

To your success,  AMT


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