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How to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC

how to take girl home for sex in charlotte nc 3If you want to take girl home for sex in Charlotte NC you should approach older than 26 years old women who standing alone, are quite drunk and looking around. Those women have experience in sex life. Even if woman are 30 years old, her body produces more testosterone and she takes guys home for sex. Read

Night Game Coaching PUA

pua night game coaching Europe USAA Night Game PUA asks us: Night Game Pickup Artist: -“I approached a girl in a club, kept a girl engaged in conversation 20 minutes. After-that she dragged me to find her female friend over the club. I stopped her, said: “No way girl” and we made out for about 10 minutes. The problem is I do not know what to do later. I can approach, talk, dance, make out, but what to do afterwards?” Read

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