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pua night game coaching Europe USAA Night Game PUA asks us:

Night Game Pickup Artist: -“I approached a girl in a club, kept a girl engaged in conversation 20 minutes. After-that she dragged me to find her female friend over the club. I stopped her, said: “No way girl” and we made out for about 10 minutes. The problem is I do not know what to do next. I can approach, talk, dance, make out, but what to do afterwards?”

Lot of guys ask us questions about club game. We do lot of PUA night game coaching over the phone and face-to-face. This guy searched pua night game coaching over the google and found So let`s start this Club Game Coaching: – “Are you going with a car to night club?”

Night Game Pickup Artist: “Yes, I am going to pickup girls with a car” “Have you tried to pull girls back to your car?

Night Game Pickup Artist: “No, did not think about it” “What are your logistics to pull a girl to sex location?”

Night Game Pickup Artist: “I don`t know, did not think about it” “We see man, you are great on approaching girls in night club, initiating conversation, even dancing and making out, but you lack of plan to pull girls to sex location. How you can lead if you don`t have a plan? If you don`t lead you are not fucking girls. Once again all PUA`s, keep this in mind:

If you do not lead, you do not fuck

We extended this night game coaching over the phone

club game pua coaching usa europe china mystery pua Night game coaching how to kiss a girl in a club pua nightgame coaching USA rsd tyler pua nightgame coaching rsd todd nightgame bootcamp workshop how to talk to girls nightgame coaching pua pickupHow we do is very easy to get sex in a club. We go with a car, place that car maximum 50 meters outside the night club. We go to night club, take attractive chick for dance. We dance with her, insert leg between her legs and start turn on a girl. Once she becomes horny we say for her:

Alpha Male: “It is really hot here. Let`s go to outside, I need to in-hell fresh air”

We know that a girl will come with her all excuses not to sit in our car. So before happening it we say:

Alpha Male: “Can we trust you? You will not rape me? Because 2 months ago one girl started roughly touch me back in my car. So I scared and that girl  left a car and went back to club. So now I have phobia for strange girls. Are you normal?”

Before coming last minute resistance we say similar lines like this. Over 7 years we slept with hundreds girls pulling them back to car. Sometimes we taking cabs and pulling back to hotel. It all starts with logistics plan for pulling.

You should create your logistics plan. Without it you will be not sure what are you doing in a club. You will lack self-confidence. A man without goal is not masculine.

So in order to be successful in Club game:

  1. Create logistics plan. Go around the area of this club. Check all places. Choose areas for pulling a girl out from club.
  2. Learn how to be Alpha Male on the Dance Floor. It can help you Our FREE article on How To be an Alpha Male on The Dancefloor
  3. Go out and try. If it does not work, change logistics, change nightclub. Change something.
  4. Read our book, because for some time in life, you will need to read this book “How to become Alpha Man by Aaron Wealthy”
  5. Watch DVD. Don`t waste your time learning Salsa, Tango, Rueda, Merengue and others dances. They are not supposed to seduce a girl in a club. Your dance trainer should be REAL AlPHA MALE who can get any chick in a club  “How to Dance with a Woman. Night Game DVD”

Sincerely, your`s


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