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Why do you give such prices

From-Approach-To-Sex-Product-LogoHello I am from France and have discovered your website. You seems very good but your products are too expensive it is crazy! Why do you give such prices?
I am in Europe so do you recommend me any good dating coach and products to learn how seduce women?

Name: tery
Age: 35
City: Paris, France

Yes, our prices are the most high. How many coaches you know who prove from approach to sex? And have sex scenes. How many coaches you know who have database of minimum 15 girls from approach to sex and with sex scenes? How many coaches you know who are professional dance teachers and have amazing skills on the dance-floor?

Today to become a coach is very easy. You just buy a camera, talk with confidence, share tips and you are coach. But when you ask them to show such product like  they cannot show.

Men, remember, such products cannot cost $200. You cannot imagine how much energy and time takes to shoot and edit from approach to sex with sex scenes. How many times girls seen our hidden cameras, we got into some trouble until we finished our Alpha Man Training videos system. How much time and energy takes to approach 70000 people. We approached 40000 women and 30000 men. And to discover techniques and Alpha Male behavior which works.

And you cannot imagine how much negativity we receive from our relatives, ‘past friends’ who seen this website when we are fucking hot girls. So we pay very HUGE PRICE.

By the way, you do not need to think about price. You need to focus who you will become in future. A man who is confident, total with no doubt Alpha Male, who can make cold approach on any woman and seduce her on the same day. A guy who can make Same Day and Same Night Lays. A guy with no competition. If men would not have fear, all men will approach women on street. But now just few trained people can do that. And you will be one of them.

A guy who dress amazing and have incredible dance skills on the dance floor. A man who is number 1 in clubs.

Men buy BMW, Mercedes, Porshe to amaze women but it amazes just gold-diggers. Those things cost millions and creates more problems for you than helps. So $3000 or $20000 is not a price comparing who you will become and what you will get.

You can hire cheaper coaches but you will waste your time. If I will be in your situation I will ask my-self: “does this coach proves from approach to sex?”, “where is his main focus? On getting numbers and short interactions or on shocking women in bed and making them crave for coming back and having sex with you once again?” We focus on how TO SHOCK THEM IN BED. Invest into cheap authors, lose most value thing- TIME in your life and when later you will come to us.

How many authors have such students transformations?

Do not complain, go and earn money. Skype consultation is a good start.

Alpha Man Training


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