A girl had a boyfriend and did not want sex. I turned her on and fucked - post6810

A girl had a boyfriend and did not want sex. I turned her on and fucked

Hey guys! As I start new week, my energy is sexual and high. I almost cannot withhold my sexual energy during daygame. Just imagine yourself. If you had amazing Saturday and fucked 4 different girls on two different girls’ night outs, how you would feel the next week? Of course very energetic, and with high sexual energy. Same happens to me almost every Saturday. This Saturday I went to two bachelorettes and fucked 4 different girls. Unbelievable!!!

On Wednesday I received sexy 18 years old with amazing body – big tits, perfect amazing tight round ass, and quite good face brunette’s info via my invented NEW 2022 system Tricking 5 girls into sex without Revealing Personal Information. She will come 5 minutes away from my apartment!!! I do not need daygame. That is what I love about these systems. But also I cannot be dependent only on them, because if I will not receive any girls’ info which I want to fuck, what to do when? The answer is – Daygame, and Nightgame.

So I received her info and arranged to meet with her on the same day 8 pm. It is kinda late and she was initiating that for her is better time tomorrow 3:30pm. On 6pm she wrote: “I am sorry my plans have changed. I cannot make 8pm”, when I wrote tricking message: “You are very lucky girl!…” and arranged with her to meet tomorrow 3:30pm.

On that day on 2 pm I wrote her: “Hi there! Nothing changed, will you be on 3:30pm?”, she replied: “Hey, nothing changed. I will be on 3:30pm”, I replied: “Okay, text us when 15 minutes will leave until coming”

On 3:15pm she wrote: “Soon I will be”, I texted her: “After how many minutes?”, she replied: “10min”, I prepared pickup hidden cameras and went to meet her. I waited almost 15 minutes until that slut came. She miscalculated. And I see she is coming with fucking blue color coat – it is not sexy at all. It is too serious. And I criticized her. She did not expect such talking from me!! I was on the line to actually lose her. But I did not fear it. She turned ON and started to follow any commands which I told her!!!!!!

A slut came to my place and look at the photos below. I totally dominated the whole situation and slut did everything I told her!!! I hardly fucked her!!!!!! She had boyfriend. Boyfriend was as wallpaper with her on her phone theme. I saw it. But this slut experienced sex she never experienced in her life. I fucked her multiple times. She experienced multiple orgasms. And I cum inside her pussy without a condom 😉

We have her infield, Meeting, Turning ON, Pulling, Seducing, Turning ON For sex, fucking – moaning. Contact us.

After I fucked her she walks to shower!!!:

Your partner on showing you how to TURN ON girls who have boyfriends, dress not sexy and are cold – does not want to have sex. If you can to turn on for sex such girls, you will be able to turn for sex any female you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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