Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 2 - post3548

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 2

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours policeman hatAs I said her: ‘my car – my rules’, I picked up my policemans hat and banana. I had hanged my stripper costumes in the back of a car.

She asked me in flirty way:

-‘So how much you get paid for one striptease show :)?‘ – Jessica (fake name) asked me.

-‘Guess :)?‘ – I started to play game with her.

‘$500:)?’ – Jessica guessed that maybe I am earning $500 per one show.

-‘Look, we can play a game. For example – you guess $500 and I am earning $600, so, you win, but if I earn $601, you lose. If you guess $400 you win, but if you guess $399 you lose. Boundaries is $100. I will write how much I get paid on the paper. Give me paper from glove box. I will not show it for you. After your guess we will open a paper and will see who will win. The prize is – If I will win I will do what I want with you at your place for 10 minutes, If you will win, you will do with me what you want for 10 minutes. OK :)?‘ – I suggested for Jessica play a game.

-‘mmm OK 🙂‘ – she agreed.

I wrote on paper $50. I folded a paper. She guessed $1000 and of course she lost. Because I am Top Male number 1.

‘You lie! You cannot earn just $50‘ – she was on emotions. She could not believe.

-‘No. It is Real. So you lost. As always all females lose against me. I will do with you what I want for 10 minutes‘ – I said to her. The atmosphere in a car became very hot. I wanted to stop a car, spread her legs and lick her pussy. But no. I wanted to tempt her more. I wanted to make her pussy so wet that I will be able to see that pussy’s liquid thru her leggings.

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So I turned away from highway to Forrest road and drove her to small water pond. I stopped a car, played music, gave her a camera and we started to have great time. I was walking around this area, she was asking some questions and on the same time she was shooting me with my camera.

I took a camera and started to shoot her ass. OMG guys!!! She is blonde and her ass was total 10!!!

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I took off my policeman`s stick and said her:
-‘Girl, Why you was driving so fast? You break the rules‘ – I stick to her ass. And she so liked that.

Same Day Lay Infield video policeman stick and girls ass
I saw how her face muscles relaxed, she opened a little bit her mouth, closed her eyes. She was enjoying my domination. I took camera and filmed a video then we together were having fun. She was feeling that we are old couple. I saw that from her eyes. I saw that she is missing those emotions back in her boring, died relationship.

building deep emotional connection PUA Lay report

I dropped her on the ground and her pants became dirty. They were so dirty that she wanted to change those panties. And she is very lucky. As in my car I have everything. I gave her blue jeans.




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