Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 3 - post3560

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours PART 3

Daygame Infield Pick up Apartment gameFinally we came to her apartment. Now it was dark outside. She jumped out from car with those sexy blue jeans. As they were a little bit small, she unbuttoned top button. And I could see her red panties. So fucking hot bitch.

I also took high-heels from my car. Unfortunately she said that she used to walk without high-heels and she asked me: ‘could she dance without high-heels?‘. Then I said:

-‘Most of my females students learn striptease on high-heels. Try with high-heels, because we males love it‘ – I said her to try dance on high-heels. She tried but it did not work out. So I said: ‘whatever, let`s do it without it’.

I left this room and she started to put this female sailor strip suit.

Daygame Pick up Infield Same Day Lay

Then she completed to put fancy dress, she came to living room and I started to train her how to dance striptease. Omg guys!! you cannot imagine how this process is pleasurable when you control her mindset and you say her what to do. I started to use AMT system to turn her on. She was doing what I wanted. And she had a husband. For lot of you it is shocking. How women can be so unfaithful.

games with girls at apartment Pua community
Men you cannot imagine how it is exciting when you see how she is moving ass around, how she squats down, how she keeps sexual eye contact with you. This game brings to your life unforgettable moments.

Just imagine! Before two hours we have been at the shop and now I am at her apartments, totally control her mindset and turn her on!!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE???!!!

I said her: ‘go on sofa, and spin your hips around

how to get girl into bed pua techniques
how to turn women on pick up techniques
I said her: ‘sit down and play with your pussy‘:

girl plays with her pussy

She so wanted my cock but I specially did not gave it for her. I wanted turn her on to such level that she will cry for sex. I said her:
-‘Now you need to pull your panties and let the man to insert his cock to your pussy‘ – I started slowly fuck her. She was so happy that finally she got my cock. And I started to play other AMT games which I cannot write over here. First I fucked her on that Sofa and later I pulled her to bedroom where she sleeps with her husband and deeply with massive power and aggression fucked her for I think 1 hour. I drink-ed about half an gallon water.


how to please women in bedhow to make woman want to sleep with you
I was feeling like Total Alpha Male. King of the Jungle. King of how to manipulate women in order to get laid fast with spending zero money!!!!!!! I fucked her when her husband was on business trip. I made Same Day Lay with 9 point girl.

how to take a married woman to bed
She moaned so load. I was just keeping myself not to cum, because a pleasure was so fantastic. When you fuck a girl without any alcohol, your dick is so hard. It functions really well because of Alpha Male Diet and workouts and most important MINDSET.

I said her:

-‘Bitch, say Aron fuck me! Say it!!!‘ – I said to her.

-‘Aron, fuck me deeply, aaaaa‘ – she started to moan more’

-‘You fucking slut, say Aron lick my pussy!! Say Lick my pussy Now!!’ – I gave her another command.

-‘Aaaaaron, lick my pussyyyyy!!!!‘ – she said. And I started eat out her pussy.

I was fucking her for one hour. I took her to bathroom and fucked over there. I cum in her anus. She liked anal sex. Can you imagine??? Just imagine yourself in this situation!! You take random girl during daygame and in two hours you cum into her ass, when her husband drives home after business trip..

After this one day lay my seduction skill jumped to another level. After this I did not had any doubts that you cannot make Same Day Lays from Daygame. If you cannot it means you are missing how to move things forward, how to get them into their apartments or go to your apartments. You can approach, talk, dance but you miss how to lead things forward. So if you learn it how to do it, you will be unstoppable!!!

Next day I woke up at 10. Fucked her once again and left at 11:00 am morning. I met my buddy and he asked me:

-‘Why you did not arrive to Jurbarkas? What happened??’ I looked to his eyes and thought:

-‘If you would know what the manipulation systems I know and what happened yesterday, you will stop to breathe 😉




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