Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours - post3544

Daygame Infield Pick up From Mall to Bed in 2 hours

This story happened back in Easter Europe. I was going to Eastern Europe buy some dance clothes. I am using them to make my powerful, shocking, irreplaceable males dance shows at bachelorette and hens` parties. All girls wait my shows because they know once Alpha Male will enter their house, their pussies gonna be wet.

Daygame infield From Mall to Bed in 2 hours Kaunas 2

When I entered this shop I was just looking for Male Dancers` clothes. And suddenly I saw her. Hot blonde. 9 points hot sexy bitch. She was looking for some fancy dress. I just approached her and said:

-‘So why female sailor suite?‘ – I said to her. She was surprised that I approached her.

-‘I do not know what to choose. I think police women and nurse costumes are boring. I wanna to stand out from crowd’ – hot 9 points bitch said to me.

-‘OK. I understand you. But what the hell for you need this fancy dress?‘ – I asked this hot weak female.

-‘Because this Friday my husband come back to home and we will celebrate ten years of friendship Birthday. I wanna just make a present for him. Surprise him with females` lap dance‘ – this hot 9 point sexy bitch said to me.

-‘OK, interesting, and probably you need to learn how to dance striptease?’ – I said to her.

And here in 5 minutes I was leaving this fancy dress shop with her. AMT manipulation techniques working absolutely 100%. You can sell to people anything you want and get your own way. You lie them, you help them to achieve their goals, you crush their mindset, you make sense of urgency and you go with amazing 9-10 bitches to apartments. Later you fuck them in same bed where they sleep with their husbands. Just imagine the power of being TOTAL ALPHA MALE who is getting paid for giving this pleasure for those horny bitches.


As her husband was coming home just on Friday, I had three more days to spend with her amazing time. I was with my car. And I was driving to total opposite direction than she was driving. She was driving to Vilnius and I was driving to Jurbarkas (where I spent my childhood). I decided to make One Day Lay with her no matter what.

I did not afraid of her husband. He could enter his home and see how I am fucking his wife. I will turn this social situation to my advantage that this husband will buy my products and will thank me for all his left lifetime. I am serious. I have faced with those situations lot of time. 70% of those jealous males bought my products, others helped create websites. 1 % of them I let to be my friends.

In this photo we are at her apartment. She already putted on herself those white stockings. At that moment I was in another room. As you see she was wearing red panties. White stockings with red panties are so sexy. I was jerking off at the living room and waiting to tech her how properly women should dance striptease for males.

Daygame Pick up Infield Same Day Lay

But lets get back to situation when we went to my car. As she was without car I said to her:

-‘You can enter my car, but in my car – my rules. I will play the music I want, I will drive how I want and where I want. Of course the end goal is your flat. Please do not touch me, because I was driving with one female, she started to touch me. I kicked her out from car. I just can touch you when I want. You cannot touch me. Do you understand? Will you risk your boring life?” – here I used another AMT manipulation technique. I showed that I do not afraid to lose her. She is the one who afraid to lose me.

-‘Mmm, Yes. I am sure that I will not touch you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂‘ – she smiled to me and agreed for my Alpha Male frame. We started drive to Vilnius.




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