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Funny Things To Say To a Girl – Get Her to Like You

funny things to say to a girl get her to like youIf you can make a girl laugh – you can get her. This article will help you to attract women and even will raise your chances to get a girlfriend. Learn funny things to say to a girl and get her to like you.

Our pickup style is mixed by Neil Strauss The Game, David Deangelo, Krauser Pua, Sashdaygame, Badboy Lifestyle, Pua rsd, Pua mehow, Pua Sinn, Mystery Pick up Artist, Carlos Xuma and others. Cold Approach pickup.

Step 1: Approach a Girl you like and use Alpha Male Body Language. Lean back and relax yourself. Smile
Funny things to say to a girl - alpha male body language

Here we are doing Cold Approach Pickup. So make sure you are relaxed and smile. A girl does not know you. Be free from outcome and self-amused. You lead her for sex but also at the same moment you keep a distance. If you will be not free from outcome a girl cannot sleep with you at very end. Imagine, you was Alpha Male all the way, and at the end you started become needy Beta Male and a girl does not want to sleep with you.

Look at this picture. I am leaning back against rail, smiling and introducing myself.  I am using chill-out confident bad-ass alpha male body language. I attract a girl in two seconds.

Step 2: Laugh about her plans

Funny things to say to a girl - laugh about her plans

I asked: “What are your plans?“, she answered: “I don`t know. Maybe I will be promo girl. I don`t know“. And I laughed that she does not know what she will do next. A girl want to see that you are enjoying conversation with her. That you are not needy guy who wants just to fuck her.

Step 2: Watch Buying Temperature and Pull her

Funny things to say to a girl - how to lead a girl
It happens shift in girls` mind. She is ready to be pulled.A buying temperature spike is a short term burst of attraction generated by a strong DHV or powerful emotional experience. It’s a rush. Women feeling a buying temperature spike may giggle, laugh, scoff, be slack-jacked, punch you (playfully), hug you, spontaneously kiss you, or just stare at you like they want to eat you for dinner. Learn more about buying temperature

I said to her: “I will show you what are your plans” – just flirting and putting out some jokes.

Step 3: Observe Environment and Comment Details in Funny Way

Funny things to say to a girl - Badboy Richard La Ruina Kezia Noble
A girl wants to see that you are king of the jungle. You know all environment around you. You just cracking some jokes about it and does not give any shit. For example in this photo two bartenders preparing something. I am saying: “Oh they are preparing party for me

Step 4: Take Authority Over a Girl and Teach Her How To Dance

Funny things to say to a girl - take authority over a girl
Women love to see Alpha Males who are teachers.

Alpha Male: “You should keep your hand straight and make 90 degrees angle

Step 5: Flirt with a girl by commenting her clothes

Funny things to say to a girl - comment her skirt material
Alpha Male: “Do you know from what material your skirt is made?

A girl: “Laughing… I don’t know

Alpha Male: “I see this is not soft material. It is rough. OMG you like rough things to do…

Step 6: Make her emotionally attracted to you and pull to more private place

Funny things to say to a girl - pull her to toilet

Here you can seduce her in two ways:

  1. Get her number and have sex with her on the next day
  2. Pull her to toilet or back to your place and make Same Day Lay

In this situation I took her number and met her after two days. We slept on the first date, as time is the most valuable thing in Alpha Male Life. You can buy everything, except time.


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