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How to Get Party Sex (It’s Learnable)

If you did not read PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 , read all three of them, before reading this PART. So when I left with two females the atmosphere at apartment was nice and cozy – scented candles, led lights, alcohol. Girls wanted to do TIK TOK video which saw on some Russian’s Tik toker’s how to create a bottle filled with alcohol. Threw in gummies, blueberries, raspberries, vodka, beer with grapefruit, mixed it all up and the three of us drank this cocktail through a straw. In the picture below I am enjoying San Diego Perfect Ass teen and turning her on in front of another female.

I was feeling and seeing that Sand Diego perfect ass teen wants to call to taxi and actually drive to home, because her plans changed, as her mom wrote her something. When I took her for private talking and changed her mindset about it. In the picture below I am changing her mindset. On Alpha man training I will train you how to do it. It is most important thing if you want to get party sex.

After I did it, San Diego perfect ass teen asked for private talking another blonde female. And in the picture below San Diego perfect ass teen just expressing her emotions how I am bad, what I said and other shit.
When this second blonde female walked out from room and said to me: “San Diego perfect ass teen wants a massage from you” – it is unbelievable guys how AMT techniques works. I came to room and fucked her. I removed her grey leggings and inserted cock into her amazing pink vagina.

We have pickup hidden camera infield of this party: organizing a party – using AMT system, meeting girls, kicking out males, changing girl’s mind about us, fucking San Diego perfect ass teen. If you would like to learn Alpha Man behavior at party and see from infield video how we do it, purchase it by – contacting us.

If you will not learn this, other men will not have trust into you to take you to parties. Also you will not seduce girls at party. You also will not know how to organize a party. Also you will not know one of the most important thing – how to change girl’s mind and have sex with you. Also you will be boring beta who does not know how to turn girls ON for sex at party.


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