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How To Make Her Want To Have Sex With You

From her perspective sex means having physical intimacy with you. But you guys search for keyword sex, so I am gonna use it. Here we will talk about night game, I am gonna tell you my secret story how at the end of the night a girl craved to have sex with me on the stairs inside apartment.

She was very beautiful. Her height was 175 cm, as my 190 cm, so me perfectly fitted out each other. She had this fire color hair – almost blonde, but not, she used to dress black shirt and white shirts – looked very classic and feminine. I met her in trolleybus when I was going by myself regularly to Helios club in Vilnius (Eastern Europe). We started with her to go to salsa classes together and ended up by deciding to celebrate New Years Party at Pabo Latino in Vilnius. That was huge decision, because look, we gonna be just two and other strange people in Pabo Latino club. We were close to each other but never had sex together. I was on my pickup journey beginning, was 19 or 20 years old and could not get answer how to make her want to have sex with me and start long-term exclusive relationship. What happened this New Years night (1st day of New Years) will be in my heart for the rest of life.

We went to Pabo Latino on 10 pm. I was dressing how she called – Dancer. Tight end black jeans, black jacket and white shirts. I don’t remember, but I think she was dressing all red – red tight shirt and skirt. We were dancing together – practicing what we learned at school and I was improvising. From that improvisation I created Night Club Dancing System To turn her on (Night Game DVD – How To Dance With A Woman).

All night was very beautiful. The Pabo Latino was very cozy place and from windows you could see how was snowing around. We almost kissed each other. I remember we were sitting around the table and she almost went for a kiss, but something stopped her…as always.

Everybody who saw her – thought that she could be their girlfriend or even wife. All guys wanted her. She was in long term relationship with professional athlete – disc thrower. Now she is free student in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. The night was going. People were coming and leaving. She loved to dance with me and my dancer’s style. On 12:00 pm or 00:00 am morning we saw beautiful fireworks. We danced and drank for more 2 hours and decided to leave Pabo Latino. But she said: “let’s dance until 5:00 am and go with trolleybus back to home. I loved to dance with her and music was amazing. She ever said me one time: “if you would leave your we could be in exclusive relationship”. I have started a local website and was writing articles for men and she even helped me to hold on one seminar at my apartment for 7 guys. So we had this interesting connection. She liked what I am doing in life but it also created for her concerns about our future.

Accident at the stairs

The only big question which I had in my head: will we end up this night having passionate our first time sex on she will say: “thank you for a night, bye”. We were walking torwards our home. We were neighbors. She lived in next house by me. It was like 4:00 am morning and we ended up in front of her house doors. We entered and got into stairs. I don’t know what happened to her but she started to make out with me and undress me! She said: “do you have condom? Please say yes!” She and I were checking my black coat for a condom. I was like in the dream: “oh my god, we gonna have sex, I need this condom! Unfortunately we did not find and we ended up just by passion-ably grabbing each other and making out like animals.

My mood after this “lesson”

I blamed myself: how I was so stupid by not having condom in my coat pocket! I was miserable, I was going to my house alone and could not believe that I missed perfect opportunity!”

You are end of her movie that night

Now when I am much older and more mature with dealing with women I understand that I was her movie end. Look, every girl see her night out as a movie. She wants to walk, to dance, to smoke, to drink, to make out, to dance with other men, to share her secret and have that close friend during the night, to open up, to be hugged, to be loved, to be fucked, to be loved again, and so on. During that night I ended up on a movie part – to be loved and fucked at 4:00 am morning. Look, you remember, how she said let’s be until 5:00 am and when go home, but we ended up in the way her emotions dictated to behave. I had a huge lesson for me – always care condom with your self. And the answer to How To Make Her Wont To Have Sex With You during Night Game in to be on that movie part when she wants to be loved, to be fucked. Don’t forget to read my book and get to know me better. Read my book: “How To Be come on Alpha Man“.

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