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How to pull teen who has a boyfriend and turn her ON for sex

Teenagers (15-17 years of age). Yesterday I received her info via my online invented newest 2022-08 system. Her Instagram pictures:

She has a boyfriend. She tagged him in her profile. She is in love with him. At one picture at his profile she writes: “MY LOVE!😍💍” , he comments: ” 😘🫶🏻💗” – his message is without exclamation point and without ring – he does not want to marry her, because he is too young, he wants experience different females!!!, he is not such into her. She feels it. That is why she been captured by my system.

Because it is against his genes. He already seduced her and he is biologically interested into fucking other females he did not fuck. For a man is impossible to change his genes. Church brainwashed men with those marriages which are against primary instincts of males. Your primer instinct is to fuck lot of females as you can and put your sperm inside them. If I would place you in a room and will say girls to push their asses back in doggies positions, you will go thru all those females and would put your sperm. The real alpha animal would unleash from you. It is your instincts and you cannot change them. YOU WILL NEVER BE SEXUALLY SATISFIED IN MARRIAGE. Against your path will stand law and police (I mean look at bigamy’s and polygamy’s charges). The only way to be sexually satisfied in marriage is to get written permission from your wife – let you to fuck other females in front of her or privately – it sounds amazing? 😉 yeah? 😉 let’s do it ;). But it requires a lot of reading court practices, convincing wife with great talk which supported by science and evidences. And we will do it with you. You will go to court, will take pictures from divorce court practices. You will get me info from yours’s city court, will send me, I will analyze, we will build system and you will approach your wife with amazing statement supported by court practice, science and evidences. And your wife will write you written permission to do it and when you WILL SPREAD YOUR SPERM THRU LOT OF FEMALES IN YOUR CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I feel the same, he feels the same. For example when I fuck a girl, I want to get rid of her as soon as I can. I no longer interested into her. If I feel like this, he (teen’s boyfriend) also will feel like this, because we both males.

Let’s get back to this 17 years old hot ass and huge tits teen. When I saw her Instagram and Facebook pictures, I been turned ON to put my sperm into her vagina 😉

I read so many court practices of topics like rape, sexual harassments, sexual assault and so on that I know how I need to behave in order to put my sperm into 17 years old female 😉 She is not 18 years old. But there are cracks in law in my city where I discovered itself weakness and I just use it. Using it I spread sperm into females which are underage and lot of other females!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will get to me yours’s city court practices. I am interested into reading other’s continents, countries, cities court practices. Please send it to me. Thank you. Your partner AMT

So, when I received this hot 17 years old teen who has boyfriend info via online system, after 30 minutes I called her directly to her phone. With a sexy voice I seduced her tomorrow come 1 pm 7 minutes away from where I sleep. She said: “I cannot make 8 pm. For me works 1 pm”, I said: “Okay, I see, 1 pm I can make. Will send you address via message”. So I texted her address and wrote: “Write me, when 20 minutes leave until your coming” , she replied: “okay”.

I went to sleep, putted my alarm on 11:30 AM because I just fucked 2 girls from bus stop to my place (18 years old hot students) and now I will fuck this 17 years old hottie who has boyfriend. What a life. This is life based on how a male should live by listening his real instincts and not been brainwashed by church and Christianity which is created to control people, make them more anxious, create into them sexual problems and do other damage. For exaple: some girls do not order dancer for bachelorette, because they say: we afraid of god. That is for you an example how much damage church created to human beings. Church installed into them feeling – fear. With that feeling fear they want to control. How much God and Christianity helps for Ukraine now? Zero. Nothing. Because Ukrainians were too dump to calculate steps ahead and kick out that fucking idiot Zalensky to USA where he sold himself. It is too late. And god did not help. Church also did not help to simple, peaceful, but too pussies to kick out their president Zalensky out from Ukraine Ukrainian people. Now those people siblings and family been killed by Russians rockets. And god does not help.

If you do not have brain and you are not using it , Christianity and god will not help you out ;). That is why I every day play chess, go to garage, try to construct something, read manuals of new tools I bought. That is why I every day read court practices, law. That is why I ask KRK to equip me with Sniper rifle from USA. In the photo below we with KRK in forest. It is our future 😉 I like USA guns quality. KRK will ship me to Europe sniper rifle, because he will steal that sniper rifle from USA military camp ;). You wanna my infield? Steal sniper rifle from your military campus and ship me to Europe. I will unlock you infield. You will see how I approach, talk, seduce, turn them on, how first time I kiss, escalate, put my penis into them and spread sperm.

So, to continue seduction of hot 17 years old teen who has boyfriend, she next day 12:40 wrote me: “Soon I will be, because I am already driving to you”, I wrote: “Okay. How many minutes left till you be?” , she replied: “+- 17min” . I quickly turned on led lights, infield cameras, prepare music, some alco shots, she texted: “I am already here!”, I texted her back: “I meet you in 2 minutes. Please wait”, she responded: “Okay”, and I got in Russian language “очень понравилось <I meet you in 2 minutes. Please wait>” – it means she really liked my message. I got boner from her that message, masturbated and went to meet her.

I am taking guys now headphones, my neighbors are sleeping, now it is 2:07 AMT and writing this pickup lay report to you. I opened Cuban Rum and cola can will drink now and will celebrate with you my success of hot 17 years old teen who has boyfriend infield photos!!!! Let’s take a look below!!! REINFORCE ME WITH SNIPER RIFLE, helmet, west, other necessary equipment. Sniper rifle is most important. I WILL REINFORCE YOU WITH AMAZING SEDUCTION SKILLS which will open you pussies like this: Now listen this song and imagine doing dance shows with me (hard fucks with cums inside their vaginas) on bachelorettes and birthday parties!!!!!!!

Play for me in night club this song and you will see what kind of emotions I will create in a female with my dancing and seduction

My lovely daughter enjoyed being fucked by me.
perfect angle. Can not say anything!!!!
I was putting on her AMT techniques one after another until she cannot longer hold and spread legs for my dick.
Unbelievable teen with great body, ass and big tits
I was touching with a boner her head and at the same playing with her pussy. She really enjoyed and liked it.
Just imagine yourself in my position. How amazing it is?
I was so enjoying her, she also was enjoying my touches. I putted all AMT techniques on her and it was big test for her, and she failed as lot of females. She fucked me.
She gave me her hands and did what I said 😉
I was touching her tits a lot until she cum.
Let’s celebrate my new trophy – hot 17 years old teen who has boyfriend. Teen with perfect ass and large tits. Beautiful face, eyes.
teen with perfect ass for rough fuck
Perfect push back her ass to me and I am with my penis full into her
Amazing ass. She really enjoyed it. And she really needed it!!!!
What an large tits for this 17 years old teen. Perfect tits
She loved to do such things with me. She felt like my daughter. But I am her father who fucks her very very deeply and puts sperm into her.
Just look at her ass and strings. You could see how her juicy pussy coming thru her tight leggings out!!!!
How she amazingly spread her legs for a rough fuck. We have her infield and moaning (fucking)
When I watched this angle infield I? was turned so ON. Amazing angle to watch. Amazing teen with great ass and large tits!!!!
She felt my penis thru her sexy grey leggings
It was so amazing when she with her legs pressed me and her body fall for me

Steal or buy and equip me with sniper rifle and I will equip you with AMT infield 😉

Your partner


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