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How to seduce and fuck a girl at birthday party

Because of awesome reputation where girls leak information to other girls about my dance shows at birthday and bachelorette parties and how these shows are amazing, because of my energy, dance moves, music, confidence and other things I do, I once again was invited to Birthday party where 3 girls will celebrate birthday party at hotel room.

The day was really hard. From 3 pm up to 5 pm I was attacking by police Senior investigators calls trying them to talk to me via phone. After I ignored them, they drove to my place, but I did not open doors to them. They drove back away. I did not answer their calls, putted them on email. Senior investigator wrote me empty email, I responded to his email with such statement:


let’s start with the fact that we live in a legal state and everything is based on evidence and arguments. I received an empty letter from you. Please state the suspicion and accusation and the unequivocal evidence to support it. It’s getting disgusting from your work like this: 1. You pick up a call from an aerial number, which, when you google it, it is not assigned to a police officer. E-mail correspondence is good. And what do I get by email? A blank letter. It is not written who is suspected, accused, and no indisputable evidence supporting it is attached. Why do I have to call back, waste my precious time, when the investigator A. O. did not even manage to call the journalist Y. A. to call and summon her for questioning, when all the evidence was attached to him in a statement, not like your letter – it is empty without any argument or proof. Y. A. should have proved that what was written in her article was true, but she did not prove it, and A. O. should have put her on the BK (The Criminal Code) for defamation, but what did he do, he was lazy, he stopped the investigation and when he called, he says: “Well, if something is not right, you can to appeal this decision”, so what can you say about such work. Did he at least ask: didn’t anyone attack me, beat me, kill me after recognizing me on the street and reading the article? Nothing. Work is 0. Just a waste of time. I didn’t get any benefit. Further damage is being done to me as the article continues to be published.
If I had not written this letter, you would still be doing this. Please pass it on to your colleagues, stop acting like this and start working – invite Y. A. to the interview, because there were also calls from other colleagues: Z. and another no. +3xxxxxxxxxx
Next, what if someone writes an air complaint on me, where is the evidence to support it? You receive an over-the-air message and are already rushing to call me – to talk to me. The person giving you the report about me has to prove with arguments and evidences, which is not the case. Therefore, this is a waste of time, and I proved it because of the journalist, but you could not help me and your colleague did not. “

So this Senior investigator will understand my position and probably will answer via email or will try to call me. He also will go and will talk to his colleague at department and will ask question why he did not take for questioning female journalist and ask her to prove what she wrote with evidences (because she does not prove anything. Just writes to write, because a boss says her to write, she needs to work to do something) just wants to write bullshit and earn money from ads on their shitty website. Later this slut will go to trial and will need to prove what she wrote as in nearly future I will sue their media company. I did it in the past, won two cases, I know how to do it and I WILL DO IT.

So after explaining police workers my position with arguments and logic I went to sleep on 7:30 pm to bed. I wrote girls I will be 10:30 pm, I cannot make 10 pm. Female wrote me: “it is pity that you cannot come on 10 pm. We scheduled our night “ I thought okay slut, you write me bullshit via messages, – you will be fucked. And very deeply and strongly. And I will cum inside you. Multiple times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On 9:45 pm alarm ringed. I woke up, went to shower, prepared my self. Went to garage. Took a car, my music speaker, drove to girls’ places. I parked a car at another’s News Media’s place for free. I will use their parking and in the future will sue them for their fake articles asking non-pecuniary damage millions. I will calculate non-pecuniary damage in terms of their sales and how much money they made in the last year. And it will be logic argument in order for them to change their behavior in future and do not write untrue, publishing personal data, violating the presumption of innocence, slandering with an article about me articles 😉

10:25pm went to their hotel. I go with my speaker and outfits and I see this hotel male administrator watches me. I thought you will not understand where I go and what I will do because all my stuff has covers and you won’t know what’s there from the outside.

I came, earned authority in front of females, turned them on for sex and fucked two females multiples times, multiple times I cum inside their pussies!!! Third girl was too big for me, – her tits were good but I was not sexually attracted to her. So I did not fuck her. Enjoy guys amazing photos from birthday party!!!!!!!!

in the picture below I placed her hands against the wall and licked her from behind!!!!!! total 10 point ass!

Today’s night amazing brunette’s 9.5 point ass. Licking her before fucking hard

what kind of emotions they get it is so amazing. In the picture I am turning her on

total 10 point ass! and very sexy turning on black strings! amazing female with amazing body and high sexual energy
In the picture below I fucked her in missionary’s position and cum inside her all my sperm!!!!
The second female I fucked when I was preparing my stuff and go outside (after I fucked first female), she came to my room and asked: “do you have a prove that you are clean from sexual transmitted diseases?” I showed her prove, turned her on and fucked privately in room, also came into her pussy all my sperm.

Our top old follower KRK said: She’s going to have a baby probably” 😀

After I fucked two girls in this Birthday party I went back to car where I used one’s Media parking lot. I did pay 0 for them. Guard raised the barricade and let me pass. Not even I did not pay and used their parking lot – guard was pissed off about it, later in future, I will sue them to court for articles they published and will ask non-pecuniary damage for millions USD. It will depend on how much sales they will do in the last year and how much money they will earn in the last year. This information is publicly available online.

Your partner on equipping you with most advanced system on how to seduce and turn on girls for sex

We will read with you so much case law in your city and will analyze police work that one day we will be top dog’s of fucking lot of females on Birthday parties, bachelorettes, girl’s night outs, from daygame, nightgame, same day bang v1, same day bang v2, tricking 5 different girls into sex online systems. Your wife will be turned on seeing in front how you put your penis in another female and how that female excite and reacts!!!!!!

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The infield consists from Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and duration of infield is 53 min 51 seconds. Seduction and fucking


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