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How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend

from-approach-to-sex-with-roommates-girlfriendOMG! What story told my client Todd is unbelievable. He learned dancing techniques and from approach to sex. It was weekend, Friday. Todd`s roommate invited a hot girl for the weekend at their place. With this story Todd do not wanna to hurt any people. So listen How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend.

A hot blonde came to their place to meet Todd’s roommate. They met each other in hospital when Todd’s roommate Michael was in rehabilitation. Todd is our client. Michael is his roommate who is not trained How To Steal Your Roommate’s Girlfriend.

All Friday and Saturday Michael was with blonde all the time. They went to walk around the city, they cock together, they went to water rides, sauna, Jacuzzi and so on. At the evening Michael and blonde were coming back. For the first time Todd saw that blonde. As he is well trained, he was wearing amazing clothes style (jacket, jeans, cap, cool t-shirt). Blonde saw Todd and he understood that she liked him. As she came from smaller city to the capital of France for her it was like adventure.

At the evening of Saturday Todd went to the kitchen. And that blonde was cleaning her tooth. She was bended over a little bit. The view was so sexy that Todd’s dick became full of blood. Todd left dishes and went back to his room. At that moment Michael was in room. The flat had two full separated rooms. In one room was sleeping Michael with blonde, in another Todd.

On the Sunday Todd came back after partying with friend in another city. Michael and blonde were at the water rides. They came back at the evening. Michael approached Todd and said:

-“Hey buddy, could you take care of Marina at 2 pm. She is leaving to her hometown. I will be at work. Could you lock the door?”

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