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Know Your Country Law Before Applying AMT Systems

If a girl will feel that you used her for sex or even raped, she gonna go to police a put charges on you (write a complaint against your actions). She can ask for the money – be like a gold-digger. Be very careful how you apply AMT Sexual escalation on a girl or most important how you use knowledge from those products. Dangerous products are:

    1. Same Day Bang DVD – manipulative system how to trick girls in the right way and give them life lesson. They will come to your apartment and you will have sex with them. Read and consult with your local attorney what could possibly happen if a girl will put rape charges on you. You need to know your state law. Make sure you lead a girl outside or till her home after sex. And make sure you hug with love at her house doors. Show that you care you do not want anything bad happen to her. Those little details will be very important if criminal proceedings will be opened to you.
    2. From Approach To Sex With 5 Different Girls DVD – you should be very careful with night club girl who you gonna pull out from club, to your car, drive to your apartment and have sex. She should want to do it. You cannot use any force or any illegal action. You need to google attorneys number, call and ask: “-Hello, how I could defend myself at a court if I went to night club, picked up a girl, we came back to my apartment, we had sex and she next morning went to police put rape or any other sexual charges on me, but I did not force her for sex or used drugs or any other illegal thing ?” – just listen attorney what he will say, because look, he already had some similar cases in his life where men got in trouble. You should be very careful how you apply AMT System at this #metoo times
    3. From Approach To Sex at the Gym DVD – AMT powerful system how to make from approach to sex at the gym. Works for any age of men. Look, in this DVD course we show complete process from approaching a girl at the gym and taking her to apartment and having sex less than in 1.5 hours! It is very risky and dangerous system. Look, every girl will feel at least strange or in shock – how this sex happened so fast?! If she would perceive your actions in wrong way – she could go to police. Do all AMT systems with full love from your heart! Love women! Be humble! Do not think that now you are bad-ass because you did from approach to sex at the gym. Look, arrogance leads to problems with other people, because you stop think how other people feel about your actions you do to them.

If you do not want go to the jail, here is your homework:

  1. Invest into those three powerful products
  2. Consult with your minimum 3 local attorneys about possible problems could happen interacting with women
  3. Get confidence, go and apply AMT Systems with common-sense
  4. Celebrate your first success, love that woman, and meet her again. Do not let her feel that you manipulated and used her. Delete those emotions and teach her things we train in DVD.
  5. Every time make sure she agrees on having sex verbally and you do not do anything against her will. We will show you perfect examples how we apply law in those DVDs.
  6. Know your country law and be confident when using AMT Systems

To Your Success,


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