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Say This To Make Women Chase You

Every woman tries to find love in the life. Tries to find her soul mate. And if she does not feel close to you, she will not want to have sex with you. After you solved out problems with your attractiveness (you changed your body language, you became more tan, you change the way you approach, act around women, you change your clothing style, you learned how to dance) it is time to more forward – learn to say things to make women chase you after you had sex with them. Read

How To Pick Up Girls And Get Laid Alpha Male Mindset

This story is unbelievable. I was training my pick-up bootcamp student how to pick up girls and get laid using Alpha Male’s traits and techniques. A student just came to my bootcamp. We signed agreement and started training. In one day we have changed his clothing style, improved his communication skills and body language. We were preparing to go to shopping mall and get girls.

How To Take Girls Home on the Same Day

If you want to take a girl home on the same day you need to see things in bigger picture. Bigger picture – whats is her goal, how much time she has, what is her state, is she up to for sex, what other people will be included between you and her, what obstacles gonna be and so on. Once you know her agenda you can invest your time and take her on the same day. Read

How to approach women and get them attracted

‘How to approach women and get them attracted to you during the day’. Question that lot of single men ask themselves every single day. If you going to work from 9-5 every single day and before and after work you see those young sexy girls, this article will answer you how to approach women and get them attracted. Females are attracted to the energy your body projects towards them. If you are fit, did not cum by watching a porno, ate well during a day, slept well over the night, you will have huge level of testosterone Read

DAYGAME INFIELD: From Street to Bed in 1 hour

At that evening I was with my client. He was practicing approach girls during the day time. I was shooting him and after approaches corrected his mistakes. Later I said to my camera guy to shoot me because I wanted to show for client how to do from approach to sex on the same day without any dates.

How Being Honest Moved My Relationship Dramatically Forward

I met this girl in a gym. She mentioned by herself in two weeks that she is my girlfriend once I started to call her as my girlfriend. I wrote an article how I met her and also created a video. One Friday’s night we were walking together around our same building where we were living. Read

How To Approach Girls In College

3 years back I wrote an amazing article about Alpha Man Attitude on how to approach girls in college. That video was made in Europe. This time I am in America and I have some new thoughts. Girls in college love guys who are older than they. They are very attracted towards guys who are older 5-7 years than they Read

Life Coach Near me

Life is all about relationship with yourself and other people. If you do not love yourself you cannot be motivated and self-confident in life. If you cannot manage your emotions you struggle in a life. Life coach or dating coach are the best investment in your life. How everything will look like and how we will change your life. Read

How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband

I will tell you my PUA lay report how I slept with a girl who has a husband on the same day. This story is unbelievable. It requires PRO game. Once you manage it you will be able to sleep with girls who have boyfriends and husbands. Social Ninja’s Mindset on How To Sleep With Girl Who Has Husband Girls are horny for sex during daytime, starting from 11 a.m morning on going up until 4 Pm. During this time they have energy to sleep with you Read

How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast Part 2

Let’s show you the way got How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast: Step 1 How To Get a Girlfriend Amazingly Fast: Get apartment. If you do not have sex location, where you will pull a girl? and how you will fuck her amazingly that she would come back?Apartments are everything. Yes, you can try go to the Lobby or club houses but some girls will not be comfortable to fuck you in such places. Read

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