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Ben’s 6’2 (188cm) Transformation To Total Alpha Male

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This DVD is for men who wanna quickly regain their confidence and get a new girlfriend in 12 days. You will see complete transformation of our client Benas . From Beta Male to Total Alpha Male. After Alpha Man Training Benas met his dream girlfriend and went to Switzerland.


DVD 1 (Duration 53min)

Night Game Blueprint

  1. How to pickup girls in a club
  2. How to seduce 1 girl in a club
  3. How to recognize Same Night Lay girls
  4. How to pick up 2 girls in a club
  5. How to isolate a girl you liked

DVD 2 (1hour 2 min)

Same Day Lay System

  1. Daygame. How to recognize Same Day Lay Girls on the Street.
  2. What to talk to a girl: 1) when you pull her to your car or you go with her 2) being in car 3) back in apartment. You will see all our infield videos.
  3. How to define her goal. You will learn how to find out girl`s goal and when adapt your pulling strategy to that

DVD 3 (1hour 7 min)

Same Day Lay System

  1. How to pull a girl back to your apartment on the same day
  2. How to not run out of things to say
  3. How to be confident around girls and pull them on the same day
  4. Same day lay system

DVD 4 (1hour 7 min)

Daygame Infield Videos

  1. How to approach group of girls. Infield pickup video by Benas
  2. How to approach two girls in shopping mall. Pickup infield videos by Benas Verkis
  3. How to approach one girl standing in mall. Pickup infield video
  4. How to approach a girl in Tube. Public Transport pickup by Benas. Benas approached hot blonde from Romania
  5. How to approach two girls walking on the street. Pickup infield video by Benas
  6. How to approach young girls up to 20 years old and seduce them. Pickup infield video by Benas
  7. How to pickup Models. Pickup infield video by Benas

DVD 5 (1hour 15 min)

Daygame Infield Breakdown

  1. How to use Alpha Male body language approaching two girls
  2. How to fuck neighbors
  3. How to speak louder and with sense of confidence. Alpha Male secrets
  4. How to approach 5 girls of group and isolate the girl you like
  5. How to pick up two girls in tube. Airinas explained all Benas` mistakes

DVD 6 (1hour 15 min)

Daygame Infield Breakdown

  1. Blueprint for getting numbers in Malls
  2. How to get a number from a girl in shopping mall
  3. How to be Alpha Male in every social situation and win any girl
  4. How to go with her and get laid at her place.

DVD 7 (1hour 54 min)

Daygame Infield Videos by Benas

  1. Amazing successful approach in Tube by Benas Verkis. He corrected his all mistakes!
  2. Amazing Benas Verkis approach on Ukrainian girl. He kicked out her past boyfriend. Simple unbelievable video!
  3. Pickup infield video. Ukrainian hot blonde.
  4. Lot of other approaches. You will see everything what we did in Alpha Man Training

DVD 8 (1hour 26 min)

Full First Date Infield Video by Benas Verkis

  1. Full Benas Verkis infield video. First Date with Ukrainian girl! From meeting her till closing in the Hyde park. Amazing Date!!!

DVD 9 (1hour 27 min)

Daygame Infield videos

  1. How to approach two girls on the street. Daygame infield video
  2. How to get girl`s number on the street. Daygame infield video
  3. How to pick up women who have husbands. Pick up infield videos
  4. Amazing Benas Verkis approach on Russian girl. He pulled her to park and made out in 20 minutes. You will see everything from approach to closing her on the same day! You will learn all pick-up lines, alpha male behavior, seduction techniques to pull complete strange girl to park and kiss-close her in 20 minutes!!!

DVD 9 (3hours 14 min)

Infield videos Breakdown

  1. How to pull a girl home on the first date. Amazing working strategy which will let you to pull any girl you want directly to your home ON THE FIRST DATE!!
  2. The true about women. Can you find clever and beautiful girl for loving relationship in today`s modern world? Answers from Alphamantraining who approached over 40000 women and worked in pickup industry his entire life.
  3. Alphamantraining corrected all Benas` weak points seducing a girl on a first date.

DVD 10 (2hours 30 min)

Daygame Infield videos

  1. How to pickup girls in big cities like London, Moscow, New-York, Los-Angeles
  2. How to pickup girls in parks.
  3. How to pickup asian girls. Daygame infield pickup video
  4. Amazing Benas Verkis Pickup Infield Video. Italian girl.

DVD 11 (1hour)

Night Club and Salsa Dance Lesson

  1. Salsa basic step
  2. How to spin a girl. Salsa basic turn
  3. Night Club Dancing. How to spin a girl on the dance-floor
  4. Night Club Dancing. How to dip down woman
  5. Night Club Dancing. How to lift up woman

You will learn all dancing-seduction techniques and also salsa. Girls love guys who know how to dance salsa

DVD 11 (8 min)

How to Cook

  1. How to make eggs
  2. How to cook chicken breast with rises
  3. How to boost testosterone

DVD 12 (27 min)

Alpha Male Mindset

  1. How to approach girls with other guys
  2. How to rise up your mood. You will learn what to do if you do not wanna go and approach girls
  3. How to not care what other people are thinking about you

DVD 13 (27 min)

Daygame Infield Videos

  1. daygame infield videos
  2. How to be brave and dance in Tube.
  3. Amazing approach on Blonde who has boyfriend. He seduced her. You will see all this infield.
  4. Amazing Benas Daygame Infield Video London Tube

DVD 14 (38 min)

Salsa and Night Club Dance Lesson

  1. How to lead woman properly on the dance-floor
  2. How to create huge emotions for a girl on the dance-floor
  3. How to pickup girls on the dance-floor
  4. La Salsa combination
  5. How to be confident on the dance-floor

DVD 15 (34 min)

Infield Daygame

  1. Benas approached amazing sexy blonde in Tube.
  2. Male solo dance show. You will learn how to dance solo and attract all females` attention
  3. Benas  male solo dance show. You will see how we were rising up our energy without any alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or any other external trigger.
  4. Amazing Benas approach American 11`s blonde. She was with other two guys. One of them was boyfriend. Benas did not afraid of that, approached her and seduced!!!

DVD 16 (12 min)

Alpha Male Lifestyle

  1. Time management 
  2. Financial freedom in 21 days
  3. Where to invest money
  4. How to explode your business, connections
  5. Where to rent apartments if you come to new city

DVD 17 (1 hour 7 min)

Daygame Infield Videos

  1. Amazing Benas Video with hot Lithuanian girl. She was with grey leggings and her ass was just incredible. From approach to close!!
  2. Celebrating of successful Benas  Alpha Man Training
  3. Celebrating of a new Benas Girlfriend
  4. Benas testimonial about Alpha Man Training


Look, this video is made by Ben`s girlfriend back in Switzerland. So, you will also seduce a girlfriend who will buy for you holidays and you will fly where you want. You will have whatever girlfriend you want for long term relationship.

“How to get a Girlfriend in 12 days”

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