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From Approach To Sex in Resort

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I traveled to Odessa, Ukraine, spent lot of money and share my experience with you from approach to sex. If you like Russian girls and thinking approach Ukraine, Russia, Belarus or other Russian language based country you need to watch this DVD. Learn from me and save lot of time and money.

We warn you that in this DVD will not be sex scenes. It will be my all experience in Odessa


  1. How to make from approach to girlfriend in Russian language based resort
  2. How to set a frame that you are not sex tourist
  3. How to open a girl in resort
  4. Logistics. Where Alpha Male should rent apartment and how he pulls girls back to his place
  5. A story how 4 not trained guys from Eastern Europe spent $700 on a girl and did pull to hotel. You should watch this DVD before you wanna make from approach to sex in any resort
  6. Who have to pay for coffee? Manipulations
  7. What to say to a girl if she wanna that you will spend money on her
  8. What to do if you do not know Russian language
  9. What places to avoid in resorts
  10. Where to pick up girls in resorts
  11. What talk to a girl in order to rise up her emotions
  12. What girls are searching in Ukraine, Odessa? After it you will know what they are thinking about and you will be able to control their mindset


  1. What stories from my life I tell to girls. Amazing knowledge. After it you will understand what stories to choose from your life and tell to girls. You will never run out of things to say
  2. How to provide fun for girls. All girls are searching fun. So, how to give them that without spending money.
  3. My apartment (sex location). I directly will show you my place. I walked with a camera from the street directly to my apartment in order to show you how close my apartments were by the main street and how you should also get apartments close to the action street.
  4. Where to eat good healthy breakfast if you going to gym and you wanna maintain your good shape. I will give you all directions where to get food in Odessa, Ukraine. You will save lot of time and money. Breakfast what I eaten costed for me $5. Originally they will want from you $10. So in one week you will save $50 just for breakfast. And my breakfast were full of food. Once you eat you are almost full for all day, because after 11 am morning it becomes very hot in Odessa and you wanna just drink. So You will get best place in Odessa, where to eat Alpha Male`s breakfast.
  5. A Walk around the place where I lived. I will walk with a camera and will show you everything you need to know before approaching Odessa, Ukraine or any other resort in Russian language based resort.
  6. How about video shooting in Soviet`s Union Countries. Everything you need to know before approaching those countries.
  7. Nightgame or daygame to run in Russian language based countries? I will share with you my all experience
  8. How to build sexual tension and make her panties wet. Strong techniques and lines.
  9. Who need pay the bill? I will share my all experiences then I paid and then I said for girl to pay. What happened?
  10. Incredible manipulation system how to take girls home in resort countries.


  1. What to talk to a girl when you pull her to the first coffee? I will tell you my all stories what I say in order to make her feel interested in me
  2. How to turn a girl on and make her want come to your place
  3. How to become Same Day Lays expert
  4. How to make her invest emotionally, physically and financially
  5. America VS Ukraine. How vibe and tempo is different? How To make Same Day Lay in Ukraine
  6. How to prepare your place for sex
  7. What clothes to bring in Odessa, Ukraine or other resort
  8. Alpha Male (I) show in details my sex location
  9. What places you need to go in order to meet girls who are not gold diggers
  10. How to be happy in foreign country as a Pickup Artist


  1. Amazing story when American guy flew across Atlantic Ocean to Odessa, Ukraine to marry a girl. He even bought a ring. But that girl was gold-digger and American guy was left alone in Odessa, Ukraine. He does not know any people who talk in English. What happened? See our DVD
  2. Beach Game. From Approach to Sex. How to make it happen?
  3. Live infield video examples do girls talk in English in Russian language based countries.

DVD 5 Pick-up Infield video examples

  1. Amazing hot girl wearing white dress and white panties. Number close.
  2. Hot two girls with round asses. I got their numbers and pulled to my place on the first date.
    What kind of Flat you can Rent for $500/month. You will see video how I filmed a flat in Arcadia, Odessa.
  4. How to find a girl and go with her to the gym. I approached an amazing with total 10 point ass (so round and fit!), talked to her and made friends. Later I started go with her to the gym. I learned exercises, met her female friends! You will see how in foreign country find new friends and build up your social life.
  5. How I was Paying $5 and eating breakfast for 2 hours how much I want in one Hotel in Odessa.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Faces will be blurred?

No, all faces you will see. You also take responsibility to not reveal identities.

Do you actually show us video proof of you having sex with the girls you pickup, or is it just getting numbers and dates?

I show how I get laid. From approach to sex. The goal of this DVD is to train you how to do it in resort. After you will watch this DVD, we will talk on Skype, and we will see, did you understand. I will ask questions to make sure, that you have a plan from approach to sex.
Basically you risk is zero. I have no bad feedback on google over 6 years. I will not let you be unsatisfied with my product. We will talk on Skype till you will be satisfied. I work in pickup field 24/7, 365.

I just want to make sure the program is in English?

All program is in English where I am giving my tips and tricks. Some of girls talk in English some in Russian. The goal of this program is to challenge you – can you go to Russian language based resorts and meet amazing gorgeous girls or not.

What length of this program is?

351 minutes. It is almost 6 hours. It is enough to understand how to make From Approach To Sex in Resort.

Will you ship this DVD to my country?

No. After Payment, system will automatically unlock those videos on your account. You will watch them online. You can watch them with slow internet.

How I will get those videos?

After payment you will login to with your username and password. You will click my products and watch all these videos.

Can I get those videos for free in torrents?

Those videos are forbidden to be in torrents. Our clients accept this responsibility:

If you will send videos to your computer, you agree to pay 1000000$ for If you show those videos to your friend or other person you agree to pay 1000000$ for Once you will break copyright of AMT we will BAN you from our client list and write you a claim. Your friends will not value free thing. They must pay in order to change. Give them link of our website and protect this product from other people.

Our clients are not stupid and they will not create problems for themselves.

“From Approach To Girlfriend in Russian resort”

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