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Same Day Lay with 27 years old gym girl

We were driving to meet our client who we are training how to make same day lays and same day bangs. He said: “It is nothing from these numbers. I get 20 numbers, and I went just to 3 dates and fuck maybe 1 girl in two months. It is not good. I am not satisfied. I need two – three different girls a week! I need to learn AMT systems to make Same Day Lays and Same Day Bangs – very tricky manipulating systems to bang girl on the same day no matter what but not to break the law”

A follower was very committed to learn everything from us. We were driving to meet him at shopping mall. First lesson is to just walk down the mall and streets and train how to spot same day lay girls. Also it is agreement in our training – if we AMT see a Same Day Lay target on the way we will make same day lay and will postpone a lesson. A client agreed. He understood that in the Alpha Man Training we will watch Same Day Lay infield video where he will see how step by step we are making Same Day Lays and Same Day Bangs.

We drove to bus stop which is located close to this shopping mall where we are meeting. We see this girl with lazer eye contact looking to us. We turned away our look, turned it back, and she is still looking with lazer eye contact to us. We turned our camera on and approached her. She opened with a smile. We leaned back against bus stop handrail and showed our balls to project masculine sexual energy. She did not scare. We realized that she is Same Day Lay girl. She was asking us: “Are you working out?” “Where do you work out?”  “where do you study” “what do you eat” “where are you from” and other things.

We used AMT system and pulled her to bus. When Pulled on the way to apartments where sex happens. At apartments she said: “wow it is so simple to dance with you” “wow you dance amazingly” “wow you are in really great shape” – when we took of hoodie. She also said: “you really did not lie about your food in fridge”, “wow, your skin is so soft”, “you really strong”.

Definitely it was not easy to fuck her because what she wanted all the time that we would lick her pussy from behind. She said: “first time what you did was something incredible” – she was in doggy position and we used AMT turning on licking system where girls go crazy. In 30 minutes we overcame her fear to have sex so fast and we were fucking her so hard that neighbors would hear. She said: “Yes I could stay over your place, will you feed me?”, we were feeding this girl in the kitchen, talking and fucking over the night.

She said: “Do you know what I noticed about you when you came to bus stop? Your biceps leg muscle and these gym shark bottoms.  I quickly realized this guy is working out, because just people who are working out have this muscle, including myself”

At 5 am morning we led this girl to bus stop and wrote to our client – we made same day lay. He responded: I was thinking lot of things, maybe police took you, or you got the fine for not wearing a mask, but definitely I thought most that you made Same Day Lay. If you would tell this story what happened to any average guy on this planet, he would not believe, he would say it is impossible, it is insane. But actually it is the POWER OF AMT SYSTEMS.

By making this Same Day Lay we combined Same Day Lay v2 system from this DVD, because we needed to manipulate her jump into other bus with us and we needed to change her direction where she was actually going.

At apartment we used AMT Dancing – turning on systems from this DVD – Night Game Program How To Dance With A Woman. How to use this system and make a girl wild you definitely must see infield with girl Giedre where she came to our apartment and we roughly dance with her and turned her on for sex. That infield from DVD From Approach To sex With 5 Different Girls V2 will blow your fucking mind. Our German client once he saw this infield said: “If any man would see how you AMT control woman in apartments it would blow his fucking mind. It is amazing. Girl is doing everything you are saying and actually she is  believing in these tricky- manipulating systems.

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Approaching at bus stop

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Using AMT systems to pull for sex

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl AMT Systems to turn her On for sex

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Taking control Over her mind

Same Day Lay With 27 Years Old Gym Girl Developing connection

To your huge success with girls


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