SAME DAY LAY with a 20 year old Russian girl in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe - post5172

SAME DAY LAY with a 20 year old Russian girl in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe

I did this same day lay when I finished my regular RIGA Latvia PUA bootcamp by training other men how to pick up women during day and night in Riga Latvia Eastern Europe. I am a private individual and one of AMT powerful strong instructors..

We went to Gelerija Riga, my students wanted to go to toilet so we went up to the 7th floor while I was eating my white bread. While walking towards the toilets I spotted a really cute brunette 162 girl is a very simple clothes (after she told me she dressed poorly 

just on purpose so nobody would give her attention since she wanted to do shopping).

I let the cuttie pass us and then I approached her by running after her. I said to her something along the lines: “I like the way you look and came to say hi”. The girl was receptive instantly so chatted for a bit while I was eating my bread. I quickly figured out the logistics, basically she had some time to kill and her shopping could wait, even though she told me she really wanted to buy jeans. I initiated an insta date and told her we can go grab a cup of coffee. She was receptive to that I told me that she actually was thinking about coffee.

I really wanted to bounce to a new place a bit more away from the shopping mall, ideally to the river side (that is the place I use to go with a lot of my girls on dates in Riga). So we went to Circle K. The set was hooked so while walking I was just having a relaxed normal conversation. She definitely was a good girl, I could feel it from the vibe but also due to the fact that she did not like tattoos.

After Circle K we went to the river side and sat on the bench. We talked about my stay in Riga and how I liked it, we talked a bit about her family and how her mother lived with her brother in Jurmala. I found out that she lived just around the corner from my house so logistics was very convenient. Since I knew I was gonna leave Riga on Monday and on Saturday the plan was to go to Roja (small city in Latvia near the sea), I knew I had only the Friday to close.

The girl told me that she really wanted to do shopping after so I did not pressure her to stay and keep talking to me but instead sort of started seeding the pull. She did not have to work the next day (as she told me she worked in a restaurant) so I told her in a playful way that we could watch a movie and drink a glass of mine back at my place, well because “she lives really closes, and can leave any time she want”. The girl kind of agreed to that, but her girlfriend was finishing work at 9 pm and they were kind of making plans to meet (I met the girl around 6 pm and we were on insta date till about 7:45 pm, so  good 1,5 hours I spent with her).

Cuty also told me that her girlfriend lived in Jurmala and that she traveled back home every day which seem to make the logistics great for me since she would meet with her friend only for short time. The girl was really hooked at that moment because she said that she can also meet her girlfriend another day since she sees her every day in anyway.

Basically we exchanged phone numbers and I also took her Instagram. We walked a bit together and then parted ways.
I was planning to text her in 1 hour to make plans, but she texted me first after half an hour and said that we went to the cinema with her girlfriend. I did not want to get into her frame so just suggested to meet after she hangs out with her friend (from the text message you will see that she agrees to that).

So I made plans and 1,5 hours later we met in the city. We walked a bit in the old town and I was looking just for the nice bar/restaurant to chill. Found one outside and we went there, ordered a few glass of wine. From there we showed each other Instagram pictures, talked about her gap year and how she wanted to meet with her best friend from Ukraine (she lived there for half a year). Important moment: always tell the girl to sit next to you because “you do not like interview conversations”. That is literally what I talked to girls when I arrive at the bar. Some girls will just naturally sit next to you, but some would just sit in front of you which is bad for building sexual chemistry, you just cannot escalate. So just keep that it mind.

From then on we drank wine, I sat really close to her, did not kiss her, did not hug her, but was just sitting at a very close proximity next to her. I build some good comfort, gave a little kiss on the cheek to her. After about 1 hour sitting in that bar I was already thinking about bouncing to the next location. Half way though the date in the first location she told me she wanted to go to Mcdonalds next since she was hungry and did not eat much during that day.

It was perfect, I paid for the drinks and we went to Mcdonalds. She bought some fish burger and I got myself some French fries. After she had finished her meal, she asked me what we were gonna do next. And I told her we should watch a movie at mine and have a bit of wine as well, she can leave whenever she wants “since she lives close to mine”. The idea of us watching a movie was already seeded in her mind from before, she gladly agreed.

I ordered a taxi and on the way to my house we stopped by the shop, she wanted to have ice cream.

Interesting things begin while at home.

So we got to mine and she quickly went to check my balcony. I lit some candles and was ready to chill for a while. I always behave really calm and chill for 15-20 minutes let the girl relax and get used to the apartment and our more intimate company.

Next, I set up my bed so we can “watch” a movie. The plans was to watch a movie for 25 minutes and the start escalating.
I took for myself a glass of wine and started a movie. I always play this comedy with Tom Hardy “This means war”. It is a great comedy, all girls have loved it so far. Also Men “Vicky Cristina Barcelona is also an amazing movie for a date at yours it builds great sexual vibe. But either one movie is good.

I knew that she was a nice, good girl so I was prepared to take it slow with push and pull, one step forward, two steps back. After 25 minutes she was already close to me leaning on my shoulder, so I just put my hand under her cheek, turned her face to me and we started kissing. She was very compliant to that. After a minute I stopped and we continued watching a movie. 5 minutes later, I stared kissing her again but this time with more passion and boob touching which she complied to. 2 minutes of doing that and I stopped, we continued watching a movie. The third time after five minutes – started making out with her and took my shirt of because “it was hot”. I tried taking her shirt off too but she would refuse, so I stopped escalation and we kept on watching a movie. After 5 minutes or so again more kissing, touching the boobs and grabbing her strongly worked and I took her short off by saying there must be “equality here”, she complied.

After that a bit more watching movie and then I took my pants off while her hand was on my dick. She started rubbing it and we got into it more passionately. One more push and relaxing while watching a movie and again some more escalation, this time her bra was off and I started sucking on her nipples (yam-mi stuff).

The same was with her pants, basically she would reject me taking them off, I would back off for a while and try again, then back off and try again. Finally she let me take her pants off.
We started making out some more and I began rubbing her pussy through the underwear and then directly. She started getting turned on but when I tried taking her underwear off, she said no. I stopped, we continued watching a movie, few minutes later. Few minutes later, some more escalation, pussy rubbing, I really wanted to go down on her she said: “no we are not gonna do this”. I backed off, did a 10 minute freeze out, just watched a movie. Then I decided to slowly slide my fingers inside.

Took me 10 minutes of fingering and making out with her until she basically gave in and said: “okey we can do this”. So I took her pants off, and told her to such my dick cos I love it, she complied. After that it was easy. She was actually super tight, probably did not have sex in a long time. So I actually did use some lube for the beginning, afterwards she was super wet and we had no problem. She was so happy after I came on her stomach and was even spraying her body with my sperm, she got little wild. Afterwards she told me she lost her virginity at 17, which I thought to be a good age. Obviously the girls you really like to have fun, usually loose they virginity at 14 or 15, but 17 is pretty good in my opinion.

I had to teach her how to suck a dick. So basically I gave her directions and she openly listening to me and adjusted her approach even asked me if I like it. Girls love to be dominated and give directions. They love when a guy leads and tells them what to do in bed (but also anywhere). So keep that in mind. My close happened around 5:15 am, and we were back at mine at 2 am. So it took some time. It fucking took 3 hours! After you guys will have such experiences AMT will send you to other couches who will train you manipulations which we cannot share publicly. First product which trains is From Approach to Sex With 5 Different Girls  and second one is Same Day Bang DVD  and third one is From Approach to Sex in the Gym

LESSON TO BE TAKEN – with good girls you have to take your time, do a lot of “hot” and “cold” game, use minimum 2 locations before taking her home. After those three DVDs you will turn off your heart and will be able to pull instantly. But it is for advanced guys who already slept with 5 different girls and lost their virginity and also approached minimum 10000 girls.

To be honest, over the past 3 months in Riga I pulled around 15 girls and only closed 5. Girls would give me LMR because I would do a lot of “pull, pull, pull” but very little or non “push”. You have to act as if you do not want sex from her, and doing “hot and “cold” dynamic cos it turns them on and they are usually not used to, because most guys start very hard escalation and do not push back, freeze out, stop escalation for a while.

Game is awesome, you gotta be disciplined about the approach you take when the girls is already in your house especially the good girl who might think that you are her prince or she would only sleep with the guy she is in love with.

Anyways, long post. I hope you got some value out of it. Peace!

AMT Coach


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