Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Approaching - post5737

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Approaching

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25)

So it is Thursday afternoon, and I kind of decide to go for some daygame session after work in Denmark. I did PUA Bootcamp – Alpha Man Training 10 times for student. If you think you will take bootcamp one time and that is enough – you are wrong, quickly after 2 months after the training you will start get back to beta male as you was if you will not continue bootcamps. YOU MUST TAKE bootcamps for lifetime.

There is a lot of students who came back to beta males. They write us, they life went wrong, they cannot approach, they cannot get success at work, they divorced their girlfriends. They are full of negativity and try to blame AMT Coach or find someone guilty. But they do not take responsibility.  Why this happens? because you stopped to invest into yourself, you stooped invest into new Alpha Man Training products, you stopped to take bootcamps, you stopped to write reports for us how you seduced girls. When was the last time you wrote us report with attached pictures from approach to sex? You do not remember. What you expect? Still be Alpha? That way life does not work. If you stop to invest, your Alpha shape goes worse and worse until you get back to beta male as you was. YOU MUST WRITE REPORTS FOR LIFETIME. So read my report and send me reports like this! So let’s get back to Denmark and what happened with this stunning Russian blonde.

I am walking through the traffic light and trying to catch this older attractive woman whom noticed before, but while crossing the road I notice two blonde girls passing by. One of them catches my attention, very sexy body, short summer denim shorts and black blouse and some fancy sunglasses over her head. But at the moment I kind of ignore those 2 girls and keep chasing the earlier target.

I approach that older sexy woman and quickly find out she is married, has kids and is not interested. I wish her luck and turn around looking for those two blondes I saw before. All this happens within time span of a minute. I look over the traffic light and over the other side of the street and think “fuck I lost them”, but I keep walking the direction I think that the girls were walking. Luckily I notice a girlfriend of a girl I liked sitting next to this sculpture nearby the the mini shop called Dagbladet Børsen. We call those mini shops were you can buy water, cigarettes, coffee “Copenhagen Post” in Denmark.

Anyways I quickly figure out that the blonde I liked must have gone into that shop and her friend is just waiting. So I figure “I am thirsty” and this will be my reason to actually walk into that store and buy water and chat that blonde up.

So I walk in my store, see if they have the water I want and stand in the queue. Luckily I position myself write behind the girl (the blonde) who is avidly eating her ice cream. I quickly realize that she is hot, solid 8 and she kind of puts off the vibe which says ‘it is not going to be easy to chat me up”.
She seems to be one of those “bitchy” good looking blonde girls that kind of has ego about herself and looks super sure of herself. Apparently it is a stupid judgement that I make.

Nevertheless I realize that I am not gonna do a nice guy opener like “Hi, I saw you, you looked nice so decided to say hi”. The girl looks tanned, has a really nice and smooth legs and her face is very attractive. So I decide to go situational here. (keep in mind that I do this stuff in most cases unconsciously, meaning how I decide to open, whether direct, indirect or situational).

So I am standing there behind her and I see a few tattoos that she has one is an animal (can’t say which for identity protection private reasons) a bit lower than her neck and on her right hand next to the wrist she has some image of x (can’t say which for identity protection private reasons) and some other extra tattoos next to it. I know that at this moment I will need to show her a bit of edginess and asshole type of stuff because of the way she looks and the kind of vibe she gives off. So I do not tap her, I do not go in front of her and just say from behind of her with a firm voice “you look like you wanna be a queen, but the good one, the one that want to grow and flourish like a flower on your neck”.

I catch her by a complete surprise and she reacts in a shock, almost drops her ice cream (no she is not yelling or screeming fortunately), turns her face to me and says “what the fuck” but smiles at the same time, showing me that I made her day. I quickly introduce myself and look her straight in the eyes showing her that what I am doing here is for real and keep my frame.
From then on, the conversation turn into a banter about her tattoos and the story behind that. The counter worker serves her and she pays for her cigarettes and then says “buy” to me and leaves saying “my friend is waiting for me”. I tell her to not run away in a playful way but do not try to chase.

I pay for my water, get out of the store and see the two blondes standing 10 meters away from the store. Walk up to them introduce myself to her friend and tell her what happen and how I decided to chat her friend up. So now I am in a two set and I know I need to befriend her friend and make her like me, because I know that if her friend did not approve of me, they would ditch me because I did not get through the “filter” let’s put it that way.

They quickly acknowledge me and we have a cool chat about what we are doing here, I tell them I meeting a friend in half an hour. Since my energy and vibe is on point they kind invite me into their little group. Then her friend tells my girl “It is okey, you can give him your number”. I respond with “I don’t collect numbers, I need have a conversation with someone before I move forward with other stuff”. So they offer me to go and sit on the bench while they are gonna have a smoke. My girl is swearing quite a lot and really shows me she does not give a fuck about me, she also tests me a bunch of times calling be stupid and that I do not have class. I just brush it off, agree and amplify.

The whole time I am engaging both girls in the conversation so her friend does not feel left out. My girl gives me a classic shit test “Oh so that’s what you do – you go around the town and talk to girls. How many girls have you chatted so far”? I just tell them some random number in a completely relaxed tone of voice as if it did not matter at all. But then my blonde hooks on that that point and carries giving me more shit “Oh so you have nothing more interesting to do than chatting girls and collecting number”. Again I remain unaffected and just amplify the whole thing “Ye, I am so boring and stupid, but I feel great today and when I saw your ass, I wanted to find out more”. It sounds a bit assholish but she loves it.

She also laugh at me because I am almost done with my half a liter bottle and also tell me later that I should clean my sneaker (they actually looked quite clean, just the side where a bit more dirty). I knew she said this unconsciously just to test me. This time I do not even acknowledge her saying these things and kind of carry on the conversation as if I did not hear it.

Then I basically turn conversation into a bit more sexual and I tell how I like her girlfriend boobs and even ask for her size. Both girls are very simple and open minded and just be me being non-reactive and keeping my frame they go along and start to tease the conversation and stop giving me shit. The girlfriend talks about her boob size and we also talk about women loosing the shape and form of the boobs after the pregnancy and that it is worthwhile for a woman to have boob surgery so she can be attractive to her man again.

I playfully tease my girl for having small boobs in comparison to her friend but then I reward her by saying “but I love the fact you are not wearing any bra and that is sexy cos I can see your boobs through”. She calls me out on being arrogant asshole but she loves it. I also tell her that in the future when she has kids she may not need to do surgery cos her boobs are not that big and are not gonna stretch that much. I allow myself to say such things because the girls’ vibe tells me they would understand that kind of fucked up humor. DISCLAIMER: I would not recommend that to a complete newbie if he does not know how to read social cues. Once I make that teasing joke I kind of say “I am just kidding” and slap her hand where the bicep area is (in a playful way). Not a native speaker here, so bear with me haha.

Later I also belched after drinking springled water. I almost always do that next to the girl. In most cases they are a bit discussted, but that spikes her emotions. This time they started laughing and and it really got my girl connected to me because she told me she does that all the times in front of her friend and I have her a high five to reward her for that.
After probably having a 10 minute conversation I figure my girl’s blueprint – she is a tester, justifier and a realist.

Why? Well, she has 3 tattoos, she smokes, swears and tells exactly what she thinks without beating around the bush, she tests a lot (that is exactly the “JUSTIFIER” type). Justifiers really tests man’s boundaries and see how much he can take it, so with them it is really important to keep the frame, once she sense that you are not sure of yourself – she will destroy you. The blonde girlfriend has a boyfriend so we shortly talk about relationships and why me and the blonde are single.

I tell my girl “you are a really horrible bad girl, cos I know that you have destroyed most of your ex boyfriends”. She looks at me very surprised with the eyes as if “I know that you know that I know. She loves the fact that I do this cold read and I am mostly right, she is very surprised by that. Girls that are justifiers, especially the once that are above 8, have a really strong frame and are confident so that is why they are testing so much, because the want to filter out the strong men.

I figure my girl is also a REALIST because she tells me how she likes to be independent, make her own money and she absolutely hates when men are too jealous. Full knowledge with video infields about types of women in our DVDs and Book and on Real Training.

Anyways, probably 15 minutes minutes pass. They become very chill around me, because I sustain being normal and just chatty guy who does not take their shit. My girl even kind of compliments me by saying that “damn you really know how to talk to girls and what to say”.

So we decide to bounce and go for a walk, they want to go to the parking lot and myself I just say that I am going the same direction cos I am gonna meet my friend nearby. From here is a normal relaxed chit chat while we are walking. By this point I did not escalate physically that much, I have just put my palm on her him and touched her bycep area (all done in a not needy playful manner).

As we are walking on the main street we talk about sex and then I share my fucked up story with my ex, and how my condom torn apart one time when we fucked and how the next week when we were on vacation and were fucking in the hotel I pulled out my dick and there was this white peace of head condom material. Just a fucked up story. My girls tells me to stop this, they both laugh but at this moment I know I have pushed quite far and I need to tone my humour down.

We talk a bit about drinking, I tell them how I have not been drinking for the last 7 years and that this year I started a bit, but only some wine on special occasions. We get closer to the parking lot and I do my last push by saying to my girls girlfirend that „once she invites me out on a date I might drink a glass of wine with her (my girl)“. This really spikes my girl‘s emotions and she tell me „one more thing and I am gonna slapt you in the face“. I just laugh and say I am joking and then I do key thing – I give her a side hug, where both of my hands are kind of squshing her and then I lightly shake her up. This move shows dominance to her and lets her know that I am the bigger man here and she is in my frame (that is one of my favorite moves that I do unconsciously when the right moment occurs). By the end of this report I will get back to this point because this is key.

By this time it is close to 6 pm, and we decide to part ways, so I take my phone out, insert her name in my phone book and write in the brackets (princess). I love doing such things, cos it is a playful push and my girl laugh and calls me something in the lines of an asshole.

By this moment I know I had a solid interaction and most importantly I got approved by her friend multiple times.

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