Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Closing And Meeting Again - post5745

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Closing And Meeting Again

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark Later On At Friends Birthday Party

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark Later On At Friends Birthday Party

At this point its around 12 in the midnight, she does tell me to leave or whatever so it is a good sign. I actually tested her level of receptiveness when we were on the balcony by saying “if I become too boring for you, I can leave” then she respondent with “it’s fine”.

So I go to sit onto her bed and she does it as well, she actually goes on to change her clothes into more comfortable short panties. You will see this one photo attached in the post where basically we are on the bed, playing with the blankets, hugging and it is about 20 minutes before sex happens. After a few minutes I go for the kill, I just ask her if can stay over. And she complies by saying “but promise not do cling to me cos we are not gonna do anything”. I respond with “well, I cannot promise you that, but I can assure you that I will not do anything you don’t like”. She complies and basically I take my clothes off, go to the toilet while she makes the bed. We get to the bed, she has already prepared two separate sheets and verbally explain which side is mine and which is hers. I see that she is just playing hard to get.

So lights are off, I start hugging her in the beginning which she resists and tries to push me away, I call her out for that by saying “what the fuck are you doing, it’s just a hug, let’s not pretend here”. I do it obviously in a non-needy way and she gives in. Then we just lie in bed and share some life stories. Few minutes pass by I kind of climb over her and go for the kiss, she follows my lead and we start making out heavily for 30 seconds that I pull back and start laying on my back and say “well, you are quite a nice kisser”. She sense disappointment from, her cos she did not expect that.

I keep talking to her as if nothing happened and then after minute go for the make out again, she get really into that, playing with her tong, starts holding me stronger, touching my face and again after 30 seconds I pull back. This time I can hear a sign from her mouth, she was super excited and again I stopped. I tell her “damn, this is too much and too fast”. I can hear confusion in her words, she asked “why, what is wrong” and I again I just tell her that it’s too fast, we should not do that. After this she kind of start escalating on me getting really close to be, brushing her nose onto mine and trying to kiss me.

By this moment I know it’s on, there is no way of return.
I go for the make out again and start rubbing her tits, slightly choking her, she starts moaning a bit, then I go for the clit and start gently rubbing it through the pants. After one minute I go under her pants and damn she is dripping wet and she moans a lot. Must have been months she has not had sex I think. Then I take her pants off, put my dicks out, go down on her. After a while she begs me to stick that dick in but I do not do that, instead ask her to suck my dick. She mentioned he did not like condoms, so I fucked her raw (which is not good, do not recommend). After fifteen minutes sh begs me to come on the belly and I pull out and she jerks me off and I come all over her belly and chest.

After the session she goes to take a shower I just chill, 15 minutes later we are fucking again.
She was very dirty and kinky girl, have me head twice and was surprised I was up again in 10 minutes.

Later after sex I asked her about the moment when she felt attracted to me. And she said that it was the time when we were walking on the street and told the girls that dirty story with my ex and when I gave her a hug and squeezed her in my arms. She told me she liked it because it was nice and gentle. So the lesson here – without any physical escalation it is very hard to make a girl attracted to you does not matter how could of a conversationalist you are. If you do not escalate at a certain point she will move you to the friend zone.

So I hope you enjoyed it. I know it is a long post, but that is what I like doing – writing everything vividly so you can get the picture of the whole process right from the approach all the way to the close.

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Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark At Evening when she changed dress

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark At Evening when she changed dress


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