Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Pulling To Lake - post5744

Same day lay with a Russian blonde working in Denmark (2019 07 25) Pulling To Lake

Later in the evening.

So I am driving home after the meeting with my business partners and I decide to give my girl a call and invite her to go the the lake for the swim since it is super hot. Since earlier in the set we had been already talking about going to the lake, so she easily agrees to that, but gives me some stupid excuses as to why she may not swim and of course I call her out for that. Finally she says okey, and I tell her I will pick her up in an hour.

So I go home, take a shower and do all the regular grooming as I am already expecting to have sex with her this night.
I pick her up, I figure out she lives alone with her dog and logistically it will be easier to pull to her place, since its closer to the lake and also she may need to walk her dog.

While in the car we just have a normal chat, I just relax and let her invest, let her talk cos all the attraction stuff has been done already. She tell me how she works in Norway and comes back to Denmark every couple of months to relax and have a break since her jobs requires a lot of physical activity.
We get to the lake, there are lots of people not surprisingly since its still very hot like 26 degrees at 8 pm which for Denmark weather is hot. We start getting undress on this bridge where a lot of people jump from. Now here is a funny thing, as she is undressing herself she start supplicating to me by saying „now you are finally gonna see my stomach“. Why is she doing that? Well she seemed very confident before and she is still, but I guess she felt that her sexual market value is lower than mine. Why?

Well, I forgot to mention that earlier when I met both of the girls, my girl touched my abs. So at this moment I am in one of the best shapes in my life, I have clearly shining abs, I do intermittent fasting, go to the gym minimum 3 times a week and do heavy lifting, I guess I am at around 10 % body fat if not lower (have never done dexa scan). On Alpha Man Training PUA Bootcamp I will train you gym exercises and diet. Also you will see in my DVD and book.

Anyways, the girl is pretty fit herself, cannot complain but when she saw me I guess she felt a bit insecure which played to my advantage. So guys – being in shape and having muscles helps a ton especially when you take a girl on a date to the lake, because it is very intimate and the girl will always react to someone that her higher sexual market value.
So we for a swim, she tried to drown me lightly and kind of respond back to her by splashing water back to her, then close to the sure I hug her to get intimate with her but then quickly release.

After that we are back in the car I am driving her home. She tell me about her father and how he died and how she has a step father in Norway where her mother also lives and works. Then once I get closer to her apartment building, I go for the kill “let use your toiler, cos I really want to pea and then you might treat me with the tea as well”. She agrees with it without any hesitation and then now I know I have a very good chance of fucking her.

We get to her apartment and I got to the toilet and then to go for a walk cos she needs to walk her little dog. After she makes me tea and we talk about life, different topics, I bring my cup of to her balcony and we kind of watch the sun to go down, she has a smoke, play with her dog a bit. Surprisingly she does not put any music on the whole time but it is not awkward at all and in fact that builds more sexual tension. I know we have time since for the next 2 months she is here in Copenhagen to chill and have rest since she only works in Norway. For me yes, I know I will have to go to work tomorrow, but I already made up my mind that I will fuck her so I can sacrifice the sleep.

After a few minutes I just give my “hand of god” and tell her to come. She acts a little surprised and asks me “why, what do you want to do”. I just ignore her words and repeat with conviction “just come”. She complies and comes. I try to draw her in and give her a hug but she resists and puts her back towards me, so I basically hug her and hold her from behind. It is still very sexual since my dick is basically brushing her ass and we are touching each other. We talk about some stuff I cannot remember, the whole time I touching her stomach, trying to tickle her, kiss her neck which she loves, she puts her arm around my neck like all girls do once they like what you are doing.

After a while I tell her “turn around”, again she gives me resistance so this time I use a bit of my physical force to turn her cos I know it’s just token resistance and she gives in (DISCLAIMER for newbies: be very careful with this as you might overdue this). I try to draw her in to kiss her but she turn her cheek away, I pull back and keep talking, then after a minute I go for the neck kissing and hugging which she responds to very well and even kiss my neck a few times as well. Fuck… she smells really good and I ask her what kind of perfume she uses. She start to really turn me on. I know t this point that I need to change the spot cos it became a bit too static.

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