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Taking Girl home for sex After Gym

What happened is unbelievable. I still cannot believe what happened. It was so unexpected!!! I thought it will be usual Sunday. I did not prepare my place for bringing girls home. I was sitting on the computer and playing counter-strike 1.6. Yesterday during the night when I played my college in counter-strike 1.6 said: “AMT Coach, you kinda lost muscles. How much you weight now?” – those kind sentences pissed me off but at the same time it motivated me tomorrow (means today) go to the gym.

So I was playing cs 1.6 and fucking decided go to the gym. I started to pack my stuff and get ready for the gym. I took my gym glooves, gym belt, cap, protein shake and other things. I went to bus stop and started to wait for my bus. I was feeling excited because last time when I hit gym was probably 2-3 months ago. I had some problems with my spine bulging discs  so I could not hit gym.

cement road taking girl home for sex from after gym

I drove to gym, started to walk. I see they made new cement road. That was cool, because I hated that road to walk. Was lot of road pits. That was something new to me that day so I liked that. I hit the gym and that old buddy comes to unlock me doors. This is private gym so just people lips from lips know this gym. On private AMT training I will take you to this gym :).

I started to do bench press and other exercises. I see my power dropped maybe 20-30% when it was 2-3 months ago. It is not a lot because I train naturally without steroids. Started to do some pull-ups. Went on chest machine. Hit that one. Started to feel so fucking amazing. Blood started to circulate all over my body. I was approaching end of this training and I went to run few laps outside. That was awesome. I ran 1.5 kilometers and I was sweating all over me. I finished my training, drank protein and started walk towards bus.

I saw this fucking hot girl with nice ass waiting at the bus stop. I came to the bus, masked myself as I am not pretending to approach her. When she jumped to the bus, I approached her and asked: “Do you know where is Northeast street 259?, she badly explained me and I sat close to her. I asked her is she local or not. She came to LA from Wilmington NC. She kinda village girl. I made couple AMT techniques to turn her on for sex in the bus and I said let’s go quickly to grab cocktail at my one favorite place. It is 2 minutes away from here. A bus stopped, doors opened, and she is standing and looking to me and saying: “maybe… not…??” and I said: “Let’s go! we will be maximum 20 minutes! and I will lead you back to this bus stop”, she jumped off with me from a bus! Incredible powerful AMT systems! Sometimes I could not believe how powerful those techniques are. 10 minutes back she was total stranger to me and now I am pulling back to my place!!!

So we came to my apartment. She did not say anything. she did not ask, why we are not going to a bar or somewhere else. She just asked: “are you living here?” I said: “I am renting, come sit down on sofa”. I started to give her commands what to do.

She sat on the sofa I went to the kitchen. I opened fridge and took Vodka with Orange juice. Made few cocktails and came back. I said: nice to meet you, if you came to LA, there is a tradition, all new people who come to Los Angeles needs to drink fully cocktail. You need to drink all of it instantly. I said, lets do it. I was feeling that moment, that it should be no pauses. I need to dominate.

She drank all that cocktail I also drank. I said to her: “I want to make couple pictures to you. Lie down on the ground. ” I played some sexy music, turned some photos on TV which shows how to pose and said to her to pose and do. That was incredible! After 10 minutes she removed her clothes and left with bra and panties. I said to her how to pose.

She went on the sofa and spreaded her ass out! I could not believe what is happening! I could not believe how AMT systems works! We fucking traveled all around the world including Europe USA China Japanese South America do discover the fastest way to turn women on for sex!

Soon she was touching my face with her pussy by moving back her ass while being on the knees on the sofa. Look at the picture how fucking sexy she is! And she is 19 years old so slim and looking young!!!!

Taking Girl home for sex After Gym 2

Taking Girl home for sex After Gym 3

After I started to lick her pussy from behind she really liked that. I pulled her on the ground and inserted my cock. I started to fuck her on the ground. From street to my apartment ground in 1 hour!!!! That is what we call FUTURE OF PICKUP. IT IS BEYOND PICK UP. IT IS POWERFUL AMT SYSTEMS. As I was after gym I fucked so well her. She started to scream. I bet my neighbors heard and jerked off how she was screaming. When she left my apartment I walked around apartment and like for 10 minutes I still I was thinking that it is just a dream. I was still feeling that I am in the dream. My brain could not process and believe what happened. I am not talking about girl. She was shocked. I needed to talk lot of: that it is normal, we liked each other and it happened. It is OK. I am really thankfull for AMT Systems, for Same Day Bang Systems, I think it is most powerful turning on systems in the PUA industry
And huge thanks for systems from approach to sex with 5 different girls

I feel now amazing. Sorry for my grammar mistakes. I write quickly as I seduce quickly.

AMT Coach


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  1. oscar says:

    very nice, i from chile ,my problem is very little speacking english

    • Alpha Man says:

      my american girlfriend had a guy from Chile. I know about this country. We were looking with her towars map of Chile and she was telling me how she met that Chile Guy

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