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What to Talk to Girlfriend About (Whatsapp, call, text)

How to chat girl on whatsapp – alpha man training student asked me. I told him story how I approached strange blonde (10 point, she is looking gorgeous) in the mall, she was from Belarus (Minsk), I exchanged Whats-app and Viber with her. In case sometimes Viber does not work we will use Whatsapp. She was with her female friend and her boyfriend in Panorama shopping center. We both really liked each other and her friends. We were happy that I was enough brave to approach her, but the problem was she was leaving Vilnius in 5 hours and going back to Minsk. I decided not do from approach to sex on the same day because her mind was occupied with coming back to Mother’s birthday.

When I flew to Raleigh (North Carolina, USA) and no longer saw this exotic type dancer blonde from Belarus Minsk. In 2 months and 15 days I flew back to Vilnius, was sitting alone at flat and was scrolling down thru phone contacts and writing messages for girls. I saw this Minsk blonde contact and somehow really wanted to create a video to her. I was feeling alone and really wanted to date some girl.

1st video for girl on Whatsapp or Viber

1st video was 1 min and 30 seconds of length. I told in that video: “Hey Minsk Girl (I used her real name. For private purposes I will call her in this article Minsk 10s Blonde Girl), how are you??! 100 years passed! I was in USA in North Carolina, just flew back to Vilnius a day ago. I remember how we met in Panorama. That was epic, I really wanted to dance with you and spend more time.

It was pity that you needed to drive back to Minsk with your friends. Tell me how are you, where you have been? What you did? See you, much love and have great day!” – I was sitting in clean and welcome flat in background (this is important! Do not make video in messy apartment! Because she will less want get physical with you).

I also was dressing clean, nice and casual. I was dressing jeans, t-shirt and on top shirt. My haircut looked like Italian style. Hair was enough long to line back and create that Italian seducer style. I was feeling 50/50 that she will reply me with a video back and 90% from 100% I was feeling that at least she will text me back.

And you know what happened? She made me a video! She was back to pink wall, her lips were painted with red lipstick and she looked gorgeous! Man, I was so happy watching that video! She told me that she also for more than 2 months has been very far away from Minsk. She was in China! She worked like model – dancer. At the end of video she asked me what I worked in USA?

2nd video for girl over Whatsapp or Viber 

On the 2nd video I told her: “Hey once again! I have worked with sales and marketing. I was helping companies to increase sales using marketing. I flew back and now stay in this apartment. Would you like to drive to Vilnius and visit me? We could go for a walk, to see Vilnius, to eat somewhere, to go for a dance at a club, to spend amazing time!” – I was close-ing her to visit me on the second video! I was walking around the flat keeping and holding a phone in front of me and shooting for her an apartment. I walked to shower, to kitchen, to living room, to bedroom, to balcony.

I sold her an Idea that we will have where to stay and she will be safe with me. After I created and sent this video I felt 15 % from 100% that she will agree instantly come to Vilnius. 80% from 100% I was feeling that she will come up with objections (who is this guy, can I trust him, where he will pick me up?) – YOU WILL CRUSH THESE OBJECTIONS with Alpha Man body language and dressing style (Invest into my book: How To Become an Alpha Man and Night Game Program “How To Dance and Pull a girl to your car” – you will see techniques how to dress sharp and dance confidently. It will look very confident).

So, she replied me with a video. Once again with positive, adventurous energy. I do not remember what actually she replied me, but I remember we agreed to meet on Friday and she replied me, but I remember we agreed to  meet on Friday and she said that she will come just for two days. I asked her: “why so short?”, she replied: “It is not convenient to come and stay long :)” – Can you imagine? A girl had high level of culture and behave in nice way.

3rd video for a girl to close on WhatsApp or Viber 

I created for her 3rd video of 1 min 30 seconds length: “Cool, so look, I will pick you up 2 pm at train station. Take your towel, cosmetics, slippers, because I do not have here”, “Also have a great day :)” – and I sent it. She agreed and said that she already bought a train ticket. That moment I could not believe of success AMT systems provide me!

Friday Date

She was late and approached Vilnius at 2:30 pm. She came with two other strange guys. They were Russians. I thought “who the fuck they are?”, “what the fuck this girl is playing with me”. But soon in 30 seconds of conversation I understood that those two guys talked to her in the train. They were standing against me and suggesting for this 10s Minsk Belarus Girl dancer to go with them to night club this night. In 2 minutes I and blonde were leaving those guys and going to my car. To win such games was an amazing feeling! My operator filmed that moment and the whole date with her.

The bottom line

You can convince a girl come to visit you over whatsapp, viber or any other app. But to do that you need to see my unseen videos and programs where I used Alpha Man body language, strategy. On free stuff (like articles and YouTube videos) I give and share just 10% off all information and examples you need to learn to have such game and success.

Why just 10%? Because you and I do not want to make enemies, competitors, haters in our life. We want to live happy, controlled, calm life with serious men who invest into all my products and learn everything from AMT. Here is my suggestion to your problem! Check the description how much time and money you will save by investing into ALL PRODUCTS at once. After payment, you will login to my products on and will start to read and watch product by product and install AMT Systems in your blood!

To Your success,


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