Big ass French girl fucked by AMT - post6897

Big ass French girl fucked by AMT

I thought write it or not, because 1. It is French girl which I fucked 3 days back 2. She has interesting body. I do not know how to describe. She is all into her ass :D, so she is not fat, but she is ALL INTO HER ASS :D. Of course she had boyfriend as most of them I seduce they have boyfriends, husbands. It is very rare that they would be single. Those single after fuck want long term relationship with me, but I DO NOT.

I have seduced her with my invented awesome new 2022 system: Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information . She two times wrote to my fake facebook profile asking to meet :D. It is so funny, they expect to meet one person, but it comes different person to meet in real life with amazing talking, leading, shifting her emotions skills. So I texted her: “Available times are today 9:30 and 20:30”, she replied: “I can be 9:30”, what a slut! Wants it soon!

Okay. I wrote: “text us when will leave 20 minutes”, she wrote: “Okay”, so 9:10 I get a message: “I will be after 20 minutes”. I love this system because girls come close to my place where I stay and I go I pull them, but I do not want to depend only on these online systems, because if no one girls will send their data, what I will meet? nothing. When just leaves daygame and nightgame. Online game like Tinder is outdated nowadays, because 1. 90 percent are men in these platforms 2. Females feel like queens and do not know what to choose because so many guys write them 3. They do not trust these guys on Tinder because females understand that these guys are just for sex (you cannot manipulate and trick those females. They know your agenda). That is why I love my invented tricking systems to trick girls for sex. Same Day Bang V1 system , Same day bang v2 system , Tricking 5 Girls into Having Sex without Revealing Personal Information SYSTEM . Those three systems plus daygame and nightgame (bachelorettes, birthdays parties and nightclubs with bars) leads my life to having so much sex that YOU CANNOT IMAGINE! AND I PAY 0 FOR SEX I SEDUCE AND FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITHOUT ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Back to this enormous large ass French ass girl. My day just started 6 am. and I am 9:25 meeting first girl for sex! So I went to meet her. Destroyed her all questions and stupid mindset: why we are not going to this place and why this and this. Came to my place. She became instantly wet because of atmosphere I create at apartment. Went to bathroom to pee. But actually to prepare her pussy for HARD FUCK. Came back. In 30 minutes I was turning her on and started to fuck while her boyfriend was working 4 miles away from us in his boring work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy pictures below with her enormous big ass! I fucked her all night long!!! Of course, her favorite and most pleasurable pose was doggy!!!!!!!!!!!

In the picture below she is coming from shower to my bed! What do you think about her ass? is it too big for you?? or it is turning ON! 😉

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