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DAYGAME INFIELD: From Street to Bed in 1 hour

At that evening I was with my client. He was practicing approach girls during the day time. I was shooting him and after approaches corrected his mistakes. Later I said to my camera guy to shoot me because I wanted to show for client how to do from approach to sex on the same day without any dates.

Funny thing is my client has been approached her before few minutes. A girl was quite drunk and it was perfect chance to seduce her on the same day. So I went and approach her:

-“Did you see my male friend. His name is Robert?” – I asked

-“Yoooour friend??? No I did not see him” – I saw from her eyes that she took around three cocktails and I have maximum 40 minutes to get her to my apartment otherwise she will become sober. She was so beautiful and I could see her tits were big.

I started directly pull her to my car. I danced with her in a dark alley. I turned her on in such way that she forgot all her friends that she has been with this night. I manipulated in the right way being close to my car and she sat down. AMT system is something beyond pro game. I could not believe how I easily control reality without being rich. A stunning 10s hot brunette with sexy accent now is in my car and I can see her big juicy breast.

We went upstairs and she called to her boyfriend. While she was talking to her boyfriend, I was grabbing her ass from behind, putting my hand into her vagina and playing with it. She said:

-“Nick, I am just here. I am do not know where I am. I call you later” – she said to her boyfriend. After 15 minutes I so turned her on that she wanted to fuck me. But I did what I like to do in those situations. I said her:

-“I am having bunch of work I need to do. I drop you back.” I said to her

-“What, can you kiss me more? I so attracted to you..Please” – she was craving for having sex with me.

Later on I thought what is an amazing AMT system is. A guy can be rich as fuck but he will not drive her crazy as a guy who knows AMT system. I spent 0 money. I approached her on the street and in 45 minutes I had her in my bed.

I drove her crazy in a bed, she was craving for having sex with me.

Such experiences builds up an incredible level of confidence. I feel that I can do in my life whatever I want.




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