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His Girlfriend Had Sex With Another Guy REAL LIFE STORY

Welcome men to and to our amazing success of client. He is from Germany. He was dating a girl. He is 33 years old. He met that girl on the street, approached her during the day, have seduced her, made SAME DAY LAY and started to date her.

A girl was 31 years old and she was working in a bank. When they were dating he told her what is his ideal girl. “I like a girl who cooks for a guy, do blowjob and other things” and that girl made herself in such way. She became ideal for him. She gave him blowjobs, she cooked for him, she was listening him, so he was feeling really amazing.

And in three months he did not set up a baby in her. But she wanted that. Because she became ideal girl for him, what he wanted. And what happened!

In 6 months she was pregnant. She became pregnant. But not from him, from another guy. Can you imagine? It means when they were dating she was having sex with another guy. Two guys were fucking her. And, it destroyed our client.

He started to feel that a girl used him, she was fake. It crushed his self-confidence, self-esteem, everything. When we AMT met him, he could not approach a girl. Because he was morally destroyed. He even could not talk to us. He was so shy, so depressed, he was so closed.

It is like, you know it is normal human being level of confidence, but his level of confidence was minus 100. TOTAL BOTTOM. His confidence was totally destroyed.

It was really hard for us also to change him. But what we did. We said him, now it is too hard to approach women, start read our book, take step back, relax, read our ebook at home.

He was taking a bath, relaxing at his place, reading our ebook How to Become an Alpha Man, just installing new mindset. Because all those thought were coming to his head and destroying his confidence. First of all you need to change your thinking. You need new mindset.

He was lying back in his bathroom and reading our ebook from his laptop and installing new mindset. When he watched Pickup Online Training Courses DVD and when he watched DVD How to Dance with a Woman. Night Game Program. And we said him: when you will be ready – contact to us.

Later he contacted us. We calculated him training fee. We calculated training fee doing bootcamp in Germany and in our cities. He choose to do in Germany. Our coach flew to Germany. He started to train him very basic things: how to approach a woman, how to talk to her, how to be just confident, love yourself, talk to a girl, be happy.

First time we did in Germany alpha man training, second time in Kiev (Ukraine). Third time in Vilnius Lithuania. Now he really changed. He changed his clothes. He changed his mindset. He loves himself. He met three new girls. One girl is visiting him in Germany. He is spending time with her. The most important he had the right mindset.

Of course he is 33 years old. He is in that older generation. They have more patience than younger generation. His mindset was really good how to be patient. It passed almost three months when he contacted us due to training. You know what he said? “Thank you really Alpha Man Training. I will never stop. I will go thru everything. I wanna experience lot of pain. I want never quit. I will never afraid. I will do whatever it takes.

We did Alpha man training with client and we are really proud about his this success. Be careful about women, and yeah such things happen.

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