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How To Find a Girlfriend When You Are Shy and Have No Friends

Look, here is very serious problem. If you are shy and have no friends, the only way for you to find a girlfriend is TO HAVE A MENTOR who will show you by his real example how he found a girlfriend without any help of friends. In this article I will talk about alpha man training student Edgaras who was shy, did not have any friends, have been beaten in the past by “his friends” at a party, got trauma after this, – ambulance drove him to hospital after that accident, because they (I mean his “friends”) broke ribs, lung, all the right side of the body. He was on the ground and they were hitting him with legs. This is a tragic story. After this accident Edgaras and his father sued those “friends” and they won a lawsuit. As those “friends” did not have money to pay for Edgaras` recovery at the hospital, government did that. He got quite low compensation from government after this lawsuit was closed, but the shyness was “installed” after this tragic accident

Edgaras was shy and did not have any friends. He was finding ways how to get a new girlfriend, as ex girlfriend was not interested about him at all. You know, his reputation was that he could not stand for himself. In that way girls who knew him were negatively thinking about him. He needed to do something, because his life in his city were destroyed! You asking me how those “friends” have beaten him at a party? Well, Edgaras were creating those parties at his place, inviting so called “friends” who became drunk and used force against him. Those called “friends” became envy on Edgaras , because he was successful on creating those parties in different locations, girls and guys were coming and knew he was “head” of those parties.

When he found alpha man training he invested into reading a book “How To Become Alpha Man“, watched AMT Basics before Real 1 on 1 private training. He watched:

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Our Training on Christmas and New Years Time 

I remember we have started Alpha Man Training on December 26th. I was at my parents` place, celebrated Christmas Time and on December 26th I drove to Kaunas City to pick up Edgaras and we drove together from Kaunas to Vilnius to start Alpha Man Training. Look, in Vilnius nobody knew him. His reputation was neutral. All success how we will get girls will depend on how carefully and smart he will use AMT systems.

Father and Son Relationship

Look, what I think the biggest impact was created for Edgaras by my personal example. I found two new girlfriends from December 26th to December 31th (New Years Party). Edgaras saw by his eyes how turned two strange girls  (who I approached in the mall) to my girlfriends (with whom I have sexual relationship). I mean I had sex with them and he heard being and living in living room. Edgaras was like my son, and I was showing him through videos and real example of me how to find a girlfriend when you are shy and have no friends. His old limiting beliefs were destroyed and New Beliefs of Alpha Man were created in his blood

Girls we pulled together for our dance lessons

On December 26th 3pm we closed two 18-19 years old girls go with us to private dance lesson which I will hold for Edgaras. Edgaras was in shock – how so fast?! we have two new hot strange girls at home! Dancing with us! ? I believe that this first big success on very 1st day of Alpha Man Training showed him here in Vilnius on Alpha Man Training were no limits. You can pull a girl home on first day! Moreover at the 8:30 pm of this December 26th he saw how I brought 9 point model brunette to apartment. Edgaras was in living room, saw how I entered apartment with this new girl and he saw how I do not have limits. When you enter this apartment, you enter straight to living room, and when you have short corridor go to bedroom. After 30-40 minutes he started to hear how this girl moaning during the sex. Just imagine, what feeling he had in his body seeing and hearing such fast seduction. He heard and saw by his eyes how I turned this girl to my girlfriend as we had sex on the first our day. Next day morning during the lecture of alpha man training I saw in his eyes how more and more he is believing that he could do the same!

Edgaras` approaches in shopping mall

As ir was December 27th, it was cold and all people were going to shopping mall buy presents and food for parties. This hot – extravagant brunette was close-able – I noticed. Edgaras approached her, talked to her for almost 15 minutes, got her number and came back to me. I said: “Edgaras we can take this hottie in black leather pants to our apartment now!”, and we both went talk to this brunette! Both looking good and sharp ( We bought for Edgaras new pants, new shoes, new jacket, new beautiful white shirts) and we started to sell idea for this close-able brunette that there is no best time than now go with us for a dance lesson.

We threw out one technique after another that she got confused by the situation what is happening here with those two good and sharp looking boys! that she more and more started to believe that she would be miserable if she would not go with us tonight for just 1 hour dance lesson. And she agreed! She agreed to help us! She said: “OK, I am gonna go with you boys, I just need to stop at gas station”, we said: “OK let`s meet at gas station which was on the way to my apartment”

Alpha Man Training Dance Techniques

So we took this black leather pants brunette to our apartment and Edgaras began to try all spins, dip down, lift up, double spins and even touching techniques to turn her on. This girl understood that we a little bit crazy and that drove her crazy. Look, she was alone at that shopping mall, probably she is no longer very happy and interested with her current relationships she has with friends. Look! Everybody searching something new and she found it! She found fun! Moreover she told us that she is living 20 miles away from Vilnius. After we practiced AMT Dance techniques  I as asked  her to participate in our training. I said: “New Years Party is coming and I want to train other techniques I know to Edgaras that he would be able to dance happily on the New Years party dance-floor. She agreed to help me out and you know what happened? After we finished to train Edgaras on maybe December 29th, I said to her: “Would you like go with me to New Years party and meet my friends?”. She was very happy with this proposal, I saw from her eyes. She said: “Why not, I am already in position to meet new people”. See, not just you boys feel alone and finding ways how to meet your soulmate when you are shy and have no friends.

Girls do the same ! There are plenty walking girls who feel miserable in their life wand waiting you to approach and make them happy, bring something new to their life.

December 31 – New Years Party

As we decided together with Edgaras that he will not go with me and brunette to my 6 friends small apartment party, because at least he would feel strange and awkward at the party. And more over here will be no girls, because everybody comes with their boyfriends and girlfriends. So as you see, this on December 27th closed brunette became actually my girlfriend at this New Years party. Edgaras saw this whole process how to find a girlfriend when you have no friends and you are shy.

My very good friend – my ex photographer drove me and that black leather pants brunette home on 4 a.m morning, after we saw fireworks and have celebrated New Years. On that New Years Night I had first time sex with this extravagant brunette and I am 100 % sure that Edgaras heard how she was moaning during that night…

Life changing experience 

We have to end up our alpha man training on January 5th. On January 1st we met Edgaras in the kitchen, ate together three all of us, appreciated each of us help and said thank you words and brunette left a place. At that moment I saw in Edgaras eyes and behavior – that he is no longer old Edgaras. He is now new AMT Edgaras, new born man with new beliefs and mindset on how to be an Alpha Man. Look! He was no longer that ex Edgaras who could not stand for himself and could not find a new girlfriend when having shyness and zero friends. He observed me, my behavior, I was like father to him on training and rebuilding his confidence.

Now on the second part of training he needed by himself go to the streets, malls, , approach girls and bring me videos where I see his progress. From January 1st to January 5th he needed overcome emotions that I no longer with him and approach complete strange women just by himself.

Last day of Alpha Man Training and his life turns in Kaunas

On the last day on the video review in in Lithuanian language he told me how he changed. How we both went thru his all progress in daygame and nightgame. Oh yes! Edgaras were spinning two girls at the same time in nightclub and getting their contacts. Moreover  he saw how I took number from most sexiest and hottest blonde in a club. I remeber how he in a car told: “I saw how Airinas went to a club, approached that blonde and here is a number! That was fast! and bold! She was into him”.

After our training Edgaras drove back to Kaunas. He was sending me messages that he went to club, met one girl and she could not recognize his behavior… she said: “you have changed…”- “where you have been??”, and he pulled her home after club. He wrote me that he said her to wash dishes and clean an apartment and were waiting for Edgaras to come back to apartment as he was at job. Like, man! which one teacher would not be happy about such his student (like son) transformation? I was very happy! And proud about him!

So, how you could start and change yourself?

Well, I definitely recommend you to read my book and watch my DVDs as you gonna better connect to me and whole idea of AMT. Here are the products you should carefully study before 1 on 1 training with me:

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After you will read my ebook and will watch DVDs we gonna Skype to each other and talk about private 1on1 bootcamp details.

Sincerely, Aaron


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