At least get the girl’s number and meet her next day

I had to take action – at least get girl’s number and meet her next day if she will not flake me or I have to do Social Ninja stuff and make from approach to sex in the same day. So I choose to do from approach to sex because wanted to get physical with her. I wanted to feel intimacy with her.

get girl's number, get physical with girl

I pulled her to 16th floor of the building, but there were ~8 people, so I used this situation and pulled her back to my floor and to my apartment. When we entered my place she said:
Hot Brunette: I have never been on 10th floor at this building complex. Wow, the view is great!

So she was walking straight to balcony and enjoying that we entered an apartment. However I was very careful. In some way I was feeling that one incorrect action could cost me losing her.

I took her for a dance. There is no woman on this planet who can resist Alpha Man dancing techniques and his leading behaviour. I isolated her in the bedroom and we started to kiss each other. Soon we started to have sex. I could not believe what was happening. I just landed yesterday and today my life changed 180 degrees. After sex we drank sparkling cider and talked more being both just with white towels. She looked very sexy and feminine in that towel. I took her to bedroom once again and we had love one more time. When she left my place I could not believe the power of AMT. It surprises me and that is why I love this AMT because it surprises you in life.

Sharing my experience with AMT students

At 6 pm came Korean guy (after his work). He came in and started to say something. I said:
AMT Dancer: Shhh… Shhh… Neighbors… I just had sex with amazing Hot Brunette!
AMT Korean guy: What??? So fast???
AMT Dancer: Come in, lock the door (I showed him infield footage and he could not believe).
AMT Korean guy: Wow!!! What voice tone you are using! How you are talking! That is why it’s working!
AMT Korean guy: This is REAL! It is REAL seduction! Wow! That is what I needed
AMT Dancer: Yes I will show you path to Alpha Man. We both will work hard and will end up becoming the most happy and powerful version of man – Alpha Man.

I saw how Korean guy’s eyes lit up. He could not believe that it is REAL and soon we will start to open secrets of Alpha Man. We went to eat healthy food, drank some coffee and started the work. I brought white magnet board and placed in the sun room. I looked to Korean guy with huge respect. Korean guy prepared for this training perfectly. He rented an apartment in the location of Washington DC where are plenty of 19 – 24 years old girls and they are very hot. Our apartment looked perfectly for Alpha Man Training.

Practical steps when meeting girl at the gym:

So how you can get a girl at the gym?
1. You walk around at the gyms. Check every gym and thing where you will pull them.
2. You go to the gyms regularly and once an opportunity comes – you approach a girl you like.
3. You isolate her and seduce.

Approach girl in gym, get girl's number

It takes balls to step forward and learn how to approach a girl at the gym without an alcohol. Other man could not do that without alcohol. If you will learn AMT system from my products and private training – you will become women’s dream – Alpha Man.

Note: In this gym infield – how I met this Hot Brunette – you can see and learn everything from my DVD “From Approach to Sex in the Gym”. This DVD is for advanced guys, who have approach lots of girls, overcame approach anxiety and want to learn how to achieve from approach to sex on the same day. Also do not skip my other DVDs and eBook which are the essence of Alpha Man Training and AMT System.

Basics of AMT

1. EBook “How to Become an Alpha Man” – the essence of Alpha Man behavior illustrated with my life story and AMT techniques.
2. DVD “Pick up Online Training Courses” – basics of AMT. You will see my body language and real approaches.
3. DVD “How to Dance With a Women. Night Game” – AMT dancing, touching a girl techniques used on day game and night game.

Learn everything attentively form those products. You will have your account, you will login online and will watch those products. After that we will do private training. Good luck.

AMT Dancer


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