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How To Get Laid in Vegas on Business Trip

Get Laid In Vegas29 years old guy called us and asked: “How to get laid in Vegas? I am going to business meeting in Las Vegas for 3days. I need PUA dating adviser who will work with maximum two-three students. I never approached girls during daytime. I want to beat my social anxiety, approach lot of beautiful girls in Las Vegas and get laid”.

In this article we will give you very valuable information witch will answer you how to get laid in Vegas.

Step 1: Create logistics for getting laid in Las Vegas (How to get laid in Vegas)

Your place should me maximum 10 minutes away from nightclubs. Because to be 20 minutes free from outcome when you pull a girl is really hard. You ask us how to get laid in Vegas? We answer – find a hotel 5-10 minutes away from a club.

Outcome independence is an important mindset to have when approaching pickup. Many GPUAs and newbies make the mistake of chasing after a specific outcome, such as getting a phone number or getting a close, so much that they come across as being needy. Having an outcome oriented mindset makes a PUA reaction seeking, and, when he doesn’t get the reaction that he desired, he becomes upset or disappointed. So make sure your sex location is maximum 10 minutes away from clubs, so you will easily pull girls back to your place.

Here are three best nightclubs in Las Vegas, where are lot of beautiful chicks to approach and those clubs are close to each other.


Lavish, gold-accented dance club in Encore featuring dance floor, poolside patio & headliner DJs.pickup training in vegas - how to get laid in vegas

pua training in vegas how to get laid in vegas


Trendy, happening casino club with global DJs, high-tech effects, multiple dance floors & pool deck.

pickup_training_pool_how to get laid in vegas pua_training_at_how to get laid in vegas


Vast Caesars club offers Top 40/hip-hop DJs plus bottle service & Strip views with Miami Beach vibe.

night_game_coaching_how to get laid in vegasclub game coaching pua how to get laid in vegas
Rent your bedroom 10 minutes away from these clubs in Vegas

You can rent The Venetian or The Mirage hotels. Make sure your hotel is in the center of your chosen clubs. In Las Vegas you will be able to pull girls all night long. You can pull and fuck a girl on 2 am morning, then come back take another one and fuck on 5am morning. You will never run out of targets. There are so many hot girls…

Step 2: Get dating coach in Las Vegas

(How to get laid in Vegas)

how to get laid in vegas

Probably there is no faster way to achieve your goals in Las Vegas than getting dating adviser who works in PUA industry 24/7 365 and knows exactly how to get laid in Vegas. What is better? Save some money but don`t learn how to get laid OR spend money, get laid and get a skill to get laid. Later that confidence use for your business and earn bigger money.

When you will come back to your country, friends will ask you: “Did you get laid?”, and what? You did not. Because You afraid to invest money for good dating coach and learn how to get laid in Vegas. That dating couch is everything: your motivation, your mentor, you adviser, your wisdom. EVERYTHING. Make Las Vegas good memories. So make sure you get one.

Step 3: Learn How to Be Alpha Male in Las Vegas

(How to get laid in Vegas)

Learn How to be an Alpha Male on the Dance floor

How to dance with a girl how to get laid in vegasAll chicks are attracted to confident Alpha Male. One the quickest way to seduce them is to get in physical contact by using dancing techniques. Watch OUR DVD, learn Techniques and use them in Las Vegas nightclubs.

Learn How To Approach Girls on The Streets During Daygame in Las Vegas

how to get laid in vegasYou will meet so many hot girls on Vegas Streets. You need to know how to approach them like True Alpha Male. You need to know how to not run out of things to say and keep her engaged in conversation. You need to know how to make her qualify to you in ORDER TO ATTRACT YOU. Watch these DVD and learn how to pickup girls on the streets and malls.

If you don`t care about money, you care just about results, we have very powerful product. From Approach To Sex With 5 different Girls. This product will show how to approach a girl, how to attract her, how to get laid and how to be good in bed.


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