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How to seduce a girl who is with family friends

We remember when our client, who has invested in many of our videos from approach to sex with girls, said: “I’m only interested in approaches to one girl. I’m not interested when she’s in the group.” Then we wrote to him that you are losing a lot of opportunities. Often there is a girl you like, sometimes with a friend, sometimes with relatives. In the photo below, today we seduced a girl who came to collect her diploma. We exchanged phone numbers with her and made love the next day, seducing her on our first date.

Such approaches seem more difficult at first glance, but when you approach and communicate with her, her father will not want to behave badly and spoil the day. Everyone is usually nice. You can also isolate her to the side. But this is not always the case. Also, she gives you a big plus for the courage, because you approached her being her around relatives and friends. Not everyone can do this and it requires certain skills.

Why do we do it, but to develop our social skills, courage. Because you will regret more that you didn’t come and get to know each other. So go ahead and study our products and go to training!

We have a video of us making love to her. If you want to see it, contact us. This will increase your motivation to go and approach her being around relatives and friends.

Recommended products to develop your skills to seduce a girl who is with relatives and friends:”

We also recommend that you have a certain amount of muscle, as it will give you more confidence when talking to her in a group


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