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How To Take Girls Home on the Same Day

If you want to take a girl home on the same day, you need to see things in a bigger picture. Bigger picture – whats is her goal, how much time she has, what is her state, is she up to for sex, what other people will be included between you and her, what obstacles gonna be and so on. Once you know her agenda you can invest your time and take her home on the same day.

You will have until 5 minutes to decide take her home on the same day or leave and approach another girl on the street. This thing happened to me few days back. I was in train station and saw this amazing 10’s point blonde. She was fit, with makeup, platforms shoes and was smoking a cigarette.

I approached her. She just came from another city back to her home. She was with a luggage.

We have been approached by two other male guys she was talking to inside the train. I was friendly towards them and saw in their eyes that they want to fuck her as well.

“Nope guys. You are too beginners in a way you talk, dress, ask questions, try to seduce her. To take her home on the same day requires beyond pro game. First you need to read my book and watch DVD” – I was thinking in my head.

I kicked them out psychologically, as they wanted to continue seduction of her. In other 5 minutes I convinced this stunning blonde go to my car. We sat down in the car and I played loud music. I started to use my dancing techniques in a car. I was moving my hips and unconsciously turning her on for sex.

We drove to the first coffee and I ordered coffee for us.

-“First my turn, next yours” – I said her and ordered coffee. I came back and sat down. Started to enjoy time being with her.

I was really enjoying talking to her. I told my life story how I learned dancing and why it became one of my passion. She told me her story how she went to Australia to work as a club go-go dancer.

I said her that if we are not kissing at this moment, I leave this coffee and her. She said: “please no, stay here. I like you so much”. I took her head and started to kiss. First time I touched her lips.

I more roughly took her head and made out with her. Her lips were so juicy, she opened her mouth and inserted her tongue inside my mouth. She was really turned on.

-“Lets go outside for a walk” – I said after we made out. She was on emotions, because I used Alpha Man Training Making Out techniques to turn her massively for sex.

We were walking directly to my car and she understood what will happen between us. I started to drove us directly to my apartment. She said:

-“Why universe dropped you to me ?” – She asked.

-“Because universe likes me” – I answered and drove with her to my apartments. She was so sexy in a bed. I slowly removed her clothes and saw this go-go dancer’s body. She looked incredible. Big tits, juicy ass, amazing face. I did an amazing technique. I so turned her on and she started to crave for sex. I love to see how women are turned on by my actions. Their eyes change, they start behave like cats wanting to catch me.

Next Day…

Next day I was feeling that I can crush any goal in a life. I was being fearless and crushed all business goals. My level of confidence was unbelievable. I was walking like true Alpha Male and was happy that I have system to train other men how to take girls home on the same day.

Can you imagine your life having a skill to pull any girl you see during the day? If I and my clients achieved it, so you can do as-well. I had a client who was without hand and he is now living with his dream girl. You achieve everything what you believe for.

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