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Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl

We were driving to the commission for permission to keep a gun. Once we finished it we jumped to the bus and were driving back to apartments.

Sexy 22 years old blonde in the back of the bus

We enter this bus and we see this cute face blonde sitting in the back of the bus. We sat down against her on the right. We made sure we can look to her eyes.

We look to her eyes, scan her and we see she is with her mom or grandmother. It is hard to say at that moment. But we see they have quite good family connection between them. We were looking to her eyes and finally she looked to our eyes. Our eyes met. Amazing feeling came inside us and our dick became more harder.

We first broke eye contact and turned our face away. Few seconds later we once again looking straight to her eyes. At that moment she is looking thru bus window, back to her mom or grandmother and while she is turning her head she catches our eye contact and now we smiled. She smiled back.

A bus stopped in 3 stops away from our apartment and this cute blonde is jumping off with  this elderly woman. We instantly use AMT system, isolate her and she is in shocked. That elderly woman is her grandmother. They have been picking up blueberries in the forest and came back.

She said: “my white pants are dirty because of those blueberries”, “yes I am free at 7:30 pm”, “yes we could meet”, “are you approaching every girl like this?”, “who are you?” and other things. We answered all those with AMT systems and with a new hot blonde number in our cell phone we happily were walking down to apartment prepare ourselves for new probably Same Day Bang. We will do Same Day Bang no matter what. We will throw out all systems we know and we will be social ninja.

We came back, made food, took a shower, prepared apartment, and went off. We come back at the same bus stop where we isolated her. We see she is coming with black jeans which we like less than those white pants. We ask her: “why you changed pants? Those white looked so well on you”, she said: “white pants were dirty and had spots from blueberries”.

She asked: “where we are going?”, “what we will do?”, “I am not going to your apartment”, “let’s go to city center” , “Are you taking all girls to apartment? “, one favorite from her was: “are you so always specially trained to circumvent the law so you seduce fast girls?”. She was studying psychology in the second course at university so she was scanning all of us. We said to us, it does not matter girl that you study psychology, AMT systems will blow your fucking psychology and our dick will be in your pussy no matter what, today and never other day.

Systems after systems we did until this blonde gave up. We used systems from both Form Approach to sex with 5 different girls both v1 and v2 and also Same Day Bang v1 and v2, AMT Dancing – turning on for sex systems, because girl were putting out lot of tests and were closing well her pussy, but not well for AMT.

Her ass was so big and so juicy. We even could not you guys to describe. Our new trophy was super hot. She had very beautiful face, eyes, and her ass was total 10. We fucked that ass so deeply that she would remember us for lifetime.

1 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Jumping off from bus with her Grandmother

2 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Meeting Later that day

3 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl She want to hug us

3.2 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Went straight to apartments

4 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Build-ed Connection from Basics of AMT

5 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl She Turned on while dancing with us

6 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Used AMT Dancing Systems

7 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Used AMT system to take control over her mind

8 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl She was doing what we wanted her to do

9 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl Was enjoying new big ass from Same Day Bang

10 Same Day Bang with 22 years old girl We fucked that big amazing ass

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