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Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl

What happened is beyond pickup, RSD shit, other “coaches” “infield footage” where they show how they take ugly girl till car or their apatment’s doors, but no proof of having sex or fucking her. RSD is eliminated. Because they are beta males as fuck. They never been real Alpha Males, so they went to teach “amazing life concept” on their same pickup channel for same subscribers. What a dumb beta males thinking. Someone told them not to do pickup stuff and they listened them as beta males. This is huge indicator for you to understand that everything you read about Real Social Dynamics is wrong, because it came from beta males mouth. The fastest way for you to become beta male is to watch and listen RSD Tyler, Julien, Max and other beta frustrated chumps.

Small skinny rooster

Will give you an example how you never should listen beta males:
One beta male who weights 75 kilograms for height 178 cm which is very weak and low listened other bate male for some clothes where to buy. This other beta male weights 68 kilograms for height 179 cm which is very weak and low. So we Alpha Man Training went to check that store called 50c and saw beta males clothes and beta males shoppers. No Alpha Clothes, no good clothes, no good prices. Wrong shop, because advice came from beta male mouth who is in group of skinny roosters group where they give each one beta advises to make each one more skinny rooster. The facebook group name is Lithuanian Pickup Community (Actually the name should be Skinny Roosters Beta Males in Lithuania), you can check those skinny roosters. Look at their pictures how they are skinny loosers beta males.

See? How you never should be in groups where are skinny roosters. Do not expect to become Alpha Lion being around skinny roosters.

Lithuanian pickup community skinny roosters beta males. Photo from Kudirkos Ordinas Facebook Group messenger

Look at these two members of that facebook group Lithuanian pickup community where name actually should be skinny roosters beta males in Lithuania. Look at their hands, how skinny hands, you can break than skinny arm in 5 secons. They need protection. How they can protect female?  They cant because they are beta skinny roosters as fuck. Avoid such coaches and any other guys who give you “beta male” advice. First look how they look how much they weight what is their height. Can they protect themselves or not?

Look at another member of this group – small skinny rooster. Look at his hands, legs, how he is weak, small, skinny. Such skinny roosters give other skinny roasters beta male advises and they become more small skinny roosters.

Lithuanian pickup community member – skinny rooster

We Alpha Man Training the only one company which proved from approach to sex with sex scenes with 30 different girls. This infield is in our products: From Approach to Sex with 5 different girls, both v1 and v2, – in total we have 15 girls because also is included bonus girls. Also we have Same Day Bang v1,v2 – + other 10 more girls. So we have 25 girls. From approach to sex in the gym – 1 more girl. 26 girls. Night Game Program How To dance with a woman – 1 more girl which we took from club to fuck location, +1 . 27 girls. And other +3 in other products. 30 different girl, everything filmed, from approach to fucking them with sex scenes. The score of filmed girls from approach to sex is growing as we making new Same Day Lays and Same Day Bangs. This is why we the only company to listen if you want to become real alpha male. If you want to stay beta where you are and become more beta go and listen other skinny roosters in skinny roosters groups like Lithuanian Pickup Community (Facebook private group).

So what happened with this 30 years old married girl?

We have this powerful strong Same Day Bang v2 system. This girl wanted to meet us but she did not speak English, French or Dutch. She spoke just Polish language. So her husband was like an translator for us. She came with her husband 7 minutes away from our apartment. We went, met them, used with no competition strong AMT systems on husband. He waited outside while we were fucking her inside.

For most of you guys is insane to believe what happened her, but look at the pictures below. How she is so hot girl from Belgium. She looked like mulatto girl. Her skin was more tanned than usual girl. That was awesome and sexy. Couple of her lines which we destroyed with AMT systems:
“I am not ready for this”, “No, it is too fast for me”, “I thought this is not like this”, “I can not cheat on my husband”, “I am not having sex with other man” “I love my husband”

But, these were just her words which were crushed and destroyed with world’s most strong seductions-taking control over her mind – manipulating her emotions systems – AMT systems.

Same Day Lay With Belgium Girl Seting up the meeting

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl After we used AMT systems on her husband and she alone came to us

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl Her ass 2

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl Look at her ass She was so sexy and hot

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl She really enjoyed Alpha Man Training Coach

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl We are seducing her

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl You cannot imagine what she is doing here Total beyond pickup and RSD shit

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl We crushed her all hesitations for sex

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl Seducing her

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl Seducing her 2

Same Day Bang with 30 years old married girl Applying Same Day Bang v2 powerful strong system

If you want to become Real Alpha Male watch in the row all our products and attend Training all the time, or you will stay beta for lifetime.


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    At least drop a 30 – 1 mins video of the sex encounter

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